Exercise questions belong in Game Room?

The move of this thread is the impetus. In general fitness and exercise discussions have been IMHO (or even GQ) threads and not moved. This time an exercise question (about barbell squats) was moved to Game Room, I presume interpreting exercise as “sports.”

Does this move represent a new policy or just an individual interpretation of a single thread?

No problem or complaint either way, just clarification requested.

Yes, that was why I moved it there.

Individual interpretation. I suppose it could just as well have gone to IMHO, since it was asking about “proper form.” A question on exercise physiology, on the other hand, I would probably leave in GQ.


Now that is a Christmas Miracle!

Bad call. Working out is not a sport it’s just exercise. He was not asking about competition. I’m breaking out the pitchforks and torches.

I am asking as someone who enjoys reading, learning from, and occasionally participating in threads about exercise, be they IMHOs or GQs. I do not however generally frequent the Game Room. If this was new policy then I’d adjust one way or the other, either looking into Game Room every so often, or, more likely just missing the threads. If it is just one individual’s interpretation, one somewhat at odds with the usual call made, then I have no worries.

I second this request. I think general exercise questions belong in GQ or IMHO. I think of the Game Room as a place to discuss games or competitive sports. Exercise topics seem more similar to general health topics than something relating to a sporting activity.

I third it. Please don’t hide these threads :frowning:

Ok two more. You want a torch or a pitchfork?

To take the other side, I think exercises questions go in the Game Room because that’s where the people who are likely to answer the questions will be.

I prefer exercise questions in GQ and IMHO as well. I’d end up missing the threads as well if they were in the game room, and they don’t really seem to fit there to me.


“For games and sports of all sorts, including video games, board games, party games, role-playing games, cards, and puzzles.”
I never visit that forum because I assume it’s all about board/word/online/video games as decsribed in the sub-forum header. These are all sedentary or intellectual pursuits.
Physical activity, exercise, participatory sports, health-related activities and such don’t seem to fit that mold.

Count me in the ‘please don’t hide exercise threads in the game forum’. I also enjoy these threads and I never look in the game forum.

Exercise is not a sport. I disagree that a general exercise question is more likely to be answered quicker or better in the Game Room.

Please leave these thread in GQ or IMHO.

Seems to be some overlap.
I solve the problem by always browsing by “New Posts”. Don’t miss anything.

I don’t think exercise threads should go in the game room, but my arms are too weak to lift this pitchfork.
I’m another denizen who rarely browses the Game Room and would see them.

I think it would be bizarre to have exercise questions in the Game Room and diet questions in IMHO/GQ.

If you’re counting, include me in with the folks who don’t think they belong in the Games forum.

Diet threads go in the Pit.

OK, send all the diet questions to the Game Room!

Questions about torches and pitchforks belong there, too.

Exercise is not a sport. If it was a question about Power Lifting, Strongman competitions, or the like, then I could understand moving it.

I’ve moved the thread to IMHO.