Welcome to the Game Room!

Welcome to the Straight Dope Message Board’s newest forum! Please post your questions, comments, and concerns to this thread.

Have something to add to the FAQ? Post it here.

Have a rules suggestion or comment? Post it here.

And, let me be the first to welcome all you gamers, sports fans, chess masters, trivia geeks, role-players, gamblers, Mafia scum, console junkies, arcade dwellers, dance dance revolutionaries, puzzle solvers, and various spectators and hangers-on. Let’s play!

What prompted this? Are we to expect further fora specialization in the future?

Firstly, long overdue idea, but i’m glad this finally here! :slight_smile:

Secondly and stupidly, can this be moved above the Pit? I liked having the Pit last since i usually work my way down the forum. And with the Pit last, it was like i was building up to some treat before going to bed.

Is there a way we could move it up the page to being above the BBQ pit? Maybe squeze it between Cafe Society and IMHO. It seems like everything else is similarly grouped–Technical things related to the site are up top, factual talks (GD/GB) are together, then we move progressively downwards as talk gets more mundane (IMHO>MPSIMS).

I know it seems silly and there’s not a whole lot of justification for it, but it just seems like it should be, well, below everything, in sort of a “fiery inferno of hate” sort of way.

I can’t be the only weirdo who is thinking this.


You’re not the only one having head issues apparently.

I love it! This matches the overall theme of the forums: discussion type.
My only question is how closely will threads be monitored for post-count padding/parties? I hope not much.

There were a few reasons. The primary one is that we’ve had to keep down the number of forum games - specifically, Mafia - because they caused too much clutter in other forums. Now that we have our own space, we don’t need to keep it to one game at a time. We also got a significant number of requests for the forum.

I think it makes sense. As it was, sports and game threads were spread between MPSIMS and Cafe Society.

I hope to keep it to a minimum. I definitely reserve the right to close utterly pointless post padding (“Let’s count to a thousand!”) but the rules on forum games will be significantly loosened from the past.

Well, let me just say that I hope this forum works well, and thanks to the people involved who have made it happen!


We have a home.

Will the post icons be staying or is that a temporary oversight?

I have a thread I might request be moved here. Should I just report it?

This is the link of the thread I would like to give a new home.

Thank you powers that be and fluiddruid.
Jim (happy, happy, joy, joy)

Sounds perfect.

What’s with the smiley, etc., icons?

What’s up with the post icons? And why are they only available in this forum? And why is my butt so sweaty right now?

Oohhh, shiny.

I believe that’s probably in error. Waiting to hear back about that.

ETA: It’s been fixed.

Sweeeeeeet! This is fantastic.

So, who went off and wiped off Happy Lendervedder’s sweaty bottom?

Rumors of my sweaty bottom being fixed are sorely mistaken. :frowning:

Deathpoolers? If so, here is the thread to move: The Celebrity Death Pool 2008 - The Game Room - Straight Dope Message Board

You think a non-sweaty bottom is the “fixed” condition? People all over the world are just dying to have sweaty bottoms and yet you don’t appreciate yours at all.

In other news, I would probably never noticed that we had a bouncing baby forum if it hadn’t been for the slight “Eh?” feeling when I saw Airman’s (?) “Can we move this above the Pit” post in ATMB…

I think pools would qualify as a game. I’ve moved the thread. Thanks!