The "Garfield" Where Jon Drinks Dog Semen

About 15 years ago, I remember a *Garfield * comic strip, set at the vet’s office, where Jon was trying to impress the veterinarian so he could get her to go out with him. He ‘suavely’ drank out of a glass that was sitting there, and the doctor told him he could expect healthy puppies (or something similar).

I really, really want to find it again (like, who wouldn’t?), so I spent too much stupid time at the Garfield site going through archives.

I can’t find it! The closest I can find is the week that starts with this one, but Monday’s strip (rthe one I linked to) is not part of the story, which starts ‘abruptly,’ on Tuesday, IMO.

Is bowdlerizing the archive? Is that not the ‘real’ Garfield from 10/7/91? Note that the copyright on that date is 1991 PAWS Inc, whereas the rest of the week is United Features Syndicate.

Isn’t there anyone who remembers this particular strip, or can tell me where to find it?

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that whatever Jon drank was some sort of medication for pregnant dogs, and not a steamin’ cup of fido jizz.

Youre probably going to get a lot of views on this one; the title really catches your attention.

In the history of mankind, I can almost guarantee this combination of words has never been written up until this moment.

Sir, I salute you.

It was our class motto in High School.

Wait. Wait. If this strip actually exists, it’ll be like finding the Family Circus where Dolly disembowels the neighbor’s daughter and cackles for 2 successive panels.

I’m subscribing in hopes of an answer, but fearing the “That’s the beauty part. It doesn’t DO anything” thread outcome.

If it IS real, you’d think it wouldn’t be hard to find. This is the internet, after all. Nothing sleazy stays hidden for long.

Hang on, I think I remember this strip! :eek:

At least, a strip vaguely similar to it. I’m fairly sure that the implication was not that Jon was drinking dog semen, though I was young enough back then that I wouldn’t have understood if it was. I think it was some other substance.

Anyway, I’d be willing to bet it was in one of the first 10 books, if that helps at all. We collected them when I was a kid, and that’s where I seem to remember seeing it.

I have a membership to This allows me to access every Garfield strip from day one. If you think you can narrow it down to at least the year, I’ll be glad to look for it.

He says in the OP that it’s 10/7/91.


I checked Ucomics and it has the same strip.

Anybody up for a trip to the library and some newspaper microfilm?

There are 10.061 Garfield strips (exactly). Even if this one exists, I think it is very hard to find.

I have seen this comic strip, too.

I have that strip, actually. It’s in a pocket book called Garfield: In Tune that was published in 1991. Three cut strip.

Jon: “Have a cup of coffee, Jon.” Why thanks, don’t mind if I do.

[Jon swigs the mug down]
Liz: Congratulations Mr. Arbuckle.

Liz: You are going to give birth to a fine, healthy litter of puppies.
[Jon gags]
Garfield: I hate puppies!

At first that looked funny (Exactly 61 thousandths of a comic strip!), and then I realized that mkl12, like most of the world, probably uses ‘.’ for ‘,’ in numbers, and thus the Amercian version would be 10,061.

The PAWS copyright notice appears on some of the older strips in the archive as well which should have a United Features copyright, including the very first strip from 1978. The strip was distributed by United Features until sometime in the mid-1990s when the rights to the Garfield character were purchased by PAWS, which was founded by Garfield’s creator, Jim Davis. Some of the old strips have been colorized as well, while some still appear in black and white.

He actually doesn’t know the exact date. He was curious if the 10/7/91 strip was the same one that appears on the site. HazelNutCoffee, many of the Garfield collections keep the copyright notice and date of publication on the strip (which I like, since most strip collections omit these). Does your book show the date and year?

I really think that if a veterinarian saw someone drink dog semen they wouldn’t say “you are going to give birth to a fine, healthy litter of puppies” I think they’d just say “Hey, doofus! You just drank a steamin’ cup of fido jizz!”.
Thanks Miller. :smiley:

Or, more likely, the vet would not be able to talk because he was gagging.

Now the question becomes:

Why was there a steamin’ cup of Fido jizz in a coffee cup? Was the vet just going to lift some poor bitch’s tail and just pour it in her?

And if it was medicine, who here has a dog that can drink out of a cup? I’m looking at my basset hound and I’m just not seeing it…