The "Garfield" Where Jon Drinks Dog Semen

Smeghead wrote:

My sister once came home with a Garfield strip from her Spanish class. It was in Spanish, but the gist was pretty clear, though I needed a translation for the punchline. It was something like this:

{Garfield gives John something to drink. John drinks and freaks out}
John: Salsa caliente! Aqua! Aqua!
{Garfield hands John the fishbowl. John drinks. He freaks out again.}
John: Aqua de pesces!
Garfield: {in Spanish} The cycle continues.

I’m doing it from memory, of course, and I don’t really know any Spanish. But for some reason I found it absolutely hillarious in Spanish.

Against my better judgment, I googled “steamin’ cup of fido jizz” (with quotes to search for the exact phrase). Nothing.

Just to be sure, I googled it with “steaming” instead of “steamin’.” Again nothing.

I am extremely relieved.

Dog urine, for a doggie pregnancy test ?

I’m like you in this sense; I’d like to think it was some other substance… but… but what? :confused:

I hate to overanalyse a cartoon strip (particularly a *Garfield * strip), but you know… to determine if a dog is pregnant, an experienced vet can often just feel the abdomen, and the only other thing I can think of is ultrasound, which I’ve heard of used sometimes. A vet could also draw blood to look for some kind of special pregnant-dog hormone (sounds like… relaxen? or something like that). A urine test is not necessary for pregnant dogs; their menstrual periods are not like humans. I might be getting some of my facts screwy, but I think that’s basically it.

So it does make me wonder… was Davis implying semen? Or something more (though possibly misinformed) innocent?

I hope Jim Davis looks in on this thread. He needs fresh ideas.

I think the decimal belongs there. There were 10.061 original Garfield strips. Then the ideas ran out.

Of those, 2.84 were funny.

…and 2.8 of those involved lasagna.

Okay, since no one has said this yet …

“steamin’ cup of fido jizz”


Nah. Sounds more like the title of someone’s album. Frank Zappa would have probably used it.

Of course, the people monitoring Google are now frantically tracing your IP. :slight_smile:

For some reason, a thread about Garfield and “steamin’ cup of fido jizz” brings up Google ads for “The preparation to hajj” and “Holy Ghost Preaching.” This could be the basis for a very disturbing new religion.

Haven’t been able to find the strip in question, but I do remember that punchline.

. . . And Fido said, “Drink this in remembrance of me.” . . .

Told you it would get a lot of views.

My first thought was pregnant dog vitamins or something like that.

It was Melissa Etheridge’s dog.

Ah HA! It’s right here: 1990. And the date is 5.30: May 30, I believe.

In fact a simple search of “fido jizz” returns nothing, indicating it’s suitability as a product name or trademark. Not surprisingly is available.

Perfectly sensible. “Fido” means “faithful” and “jism” originally meant “spirit” or “energy.” So “fido jizz” could parse as “energy of the faith” or “faithful spirit.”

Either that or that someone who’s contemplating a steamin’ cup of fido jizz needs a drastic intervention.

It could be that Jon hadn’t actually drunk spunk, but that the vet was just pulling one over on him.

Isn’t she kind of a wise cracker?

Yep, here it is.