The "Garfield" Where Jon Drinks Dog Semen

I love the last panel. Looks like Jon’s about to tap dat.

I would like to know why Jon believes it to be coffee.

It doesn’t look much like a coffee cup, it has no handle that I can see.

I think the fact that Jon is a colossal clueless dork is usually sufficient reason for most of the things he does in the strip.

I wish I had read he strip before, because now I can’t figure out what it could be otherwise. Can someone come up with any way that it is supposed to be funny without it being fido jizz?

Interestingly enough, I assumed, just from reading the OP, Jon drank a cup of zygotes or embryos. I don’t know, however, why you’d have so many that you’d have anything more than a couple of drops, at most.

This may call for an e-mail to the author of the strip.
Anyone have Mr. Davis’ contact info??

On a related note: I wonder if the IT people here at work can tell what thread I’m reading, or whether it just indicates that I’m surfing the Dope. If it’s the latter…whew! If it’s the former…it may be time to buy the IT guys some scotch. Very good scotch.

Wasn’t there’s a Peanuts cartoon that very week where Lucy guzzled Snoopy’s spooge? Maybe it was common at the time.

I’d be shocked if Jim Davis still wrote the strip. The spunk-drinking goodness left Garfield long ago. But, should some intrepid soul demand answers, demand them here.

Considering the very small amount of time Mr. Davis spends working on the actual strip these days, it might be more productive to send an e-mail to one of the assistants who actually create the strip…

Relevant quote:

Maybe the smartass vet was just setting up Jon for a massive spit-take, and whatever was in the cup in of no consequence?

Og bless you, HazelNutCoffee.

What can I do to repay you?

Wow. It’s also a relief to me that they haven’t replaced that strip with a less dangerous one.

Man, this rules.

Now, any time I ever get in an online debate I’m clearly losing, I can make some analogy to the time Jon drank a ‘steamin’ cup of Fido juzz’, with a link, and make my escape.

Is anyone going to write to Davis?
I’m curious now. But if he gets 20 letters in a half hour about his mug o’ cum comic, he might get…suspicious.

Send him here!

Well, it IS Garfield. So, um, no.

I emailed Davis.
If/when he writes back, I will provide his answer, verbatim.

I have nothing to say about the canine protein shake.

However, I did see two rather disturbing newspaper cartoons on the same day. Not sure when, but I think I was in high school at the time. That’d make it somewhere between 1996-2000.

The first was Blondie, where Dagwood accidentally gets a toy submarine up the ass.

First panel: Dagwood stepping into a hot bath. Second panel: Dagwood screaming. Third panel: Blondie explaining to the neighbor kid, “No, I haven’t seen your toy submarine.”

The second was Dennis the Menace. It featured Dennis and Joey walking in on the mom in the bathtub, saying “Mind if we water our horses, ma’am?”

Put all of this together and it’d be one hell of an act. But what to call it?

At least it wasn’t from Clifford, The Big Red Dog!

Very much so. Uncle Duke experimented with doggie cum in Doonesbury, and was deeply disappointed when it did not produce the promised quasi-religious hallucinations. It also figured in a week’s run of Gasoline Alley, when the rapidly doddering Skeezix cashed in his life insurance in response to an investment con game in a TV infomercial.

Perhaps the final straw was when Rex Morgan, MD advised a female patient to try jerking off the family pooch to resolve problems with her arthritis. Fortunately, none of the 533 papers running the strip received any complaints, possibly because no one was actually reading Rex Morgan, MD.