The Gender of Political Correctness.

The rules of Political Correctness as applied to gender are simple:


Basically, any negative generalization about men is acceptable and respectable. Any negative generalization about women is a Moral Crime. These rules were in force since late 1980s.

The rise of Social Media generated a whole submedia where the only rule is Anything Goes. The question is if Social Media will continue to be for all ideas?

Wow. What an utter shit video. Looks like it was made by a 7th grade Asperger sufferer.

Not sure you’re going to get much of a debate here.

OK – when I will be less loaded with work I will make a better version and of course will delete the original.

I got 15 seconds in and had to turn it off.

You know what? I am not offended by this. It’s important to curtail some of the rude generalizations about women. I don’t think statements about men really cause any problems, even when wrong or offensive. I don’t even care if you say “All men are child molesters.”

Of course I will have to redo the video. But how is double standard fair?

Couldn’t really understand the audio – very garbled.

Are there any books on making a speech/video for beginners?

It’s just not something to get bent out of shape about. Getting bent out of shape over “fair” usually isn’t worth the effort. And, I’m not sure it’s actually a “double standard” when comments about women have a different affect on society than comments about men. But, assuming it’s a double standard and assuming it’s not fair, who cares? Of all the “unfairness” in the world, why champion this one?

Generally, good people do take a stand against unfairness and discrimination they see.

I had trouble understanding the video, but your evidence for negative generalizations about men being acceptable and respectable is the titles of four books, is it not?

Four out of many hundreds in the Mainstream Media – including most respectable publications like The Atlantic, New York Times, The Chronicle of Higher Education.

But you’re just listing the titles, and inferring negative generalizations from there, no?

There are much better videos documenting “misandry in the media” – but these videos are not mine. I listed several titles and some ideas presented in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Aww. Poor you. Poor put-upon ridiculed you.

Tell you what: when I no longer have a laundry list of systemic, institutional, historic, and societal advantages over women just because I happened to be born with a penis, I’ll get on board your “stop picking on men” train. Until then, it mostly–mostly sounds like tired whinging from someone mad that the world hasn’t quite been handed to him on a platter.

Would you care if someone told your kids that? A boy’s self esteem is important too. I find this to be ridicules, and I think most rational people wouldn’t agree with this “All men are _____” , regardless of gender politics.

I was looking for an extreme example. Obviously it would be a stupid thing to say. However, I doubt it would bother my boy’s self esteem to hear such a stupid thing.

It’s only a double standard if you ignore the way women have been treated historically. There’s such a thing as context.

all the excuses every double standard in History had.

Ok… I get you now.

You personally would shrug it off.

Single lines, sans context, and unattributed…not especially persuasive. In my experience, complaints of this nature come from treating attacks on destructive male gender roles and/or male supremacy as attacks on males, when they aren’t.