The General Encouragement Thread

Inspired by this thread about running, I wanted to start a general encouragement thread.

The goal here is for people to post in something that they need encouragement for (from as mundane as “I want to knit my first pair of socks” to as serious as “My partner just died please send me positive vibes”), and for the rest of us to encourage them as best we can.

From a poster’s standpoint: Just post what you need encouragement for and let us do the rest!

From a reader’s standpoint: Send encouragement! Provide light advice, tell 'em it’s possible, and if you haven’t heard from someone in a while, give em a shout!

To provide a jumping off point, I will start with mine: I am getting married to the wonderful Ms. Cups in October of 2017. It is my goal to weigh myself on the 1st of each month and lose AT LEAST one pound by the time the 30th of that month rolls around. Not gonna complain if it’s more, but the goal is 1 pound a month.

Congrats on your impending nuptials! I wish y’all a long and happy life together. :slight_smile:

You’ve set and extremely reasonable and doable weight-loss goal. Slow and steady and I’m sure you can get there.
My upcoming worry-thing: I’m having minor surgery on Sept 29. It’s outpatient, but it will require general anesthesia. When I had a lumpectomy in March 2015 (and it was supposed to be outpatient, too), the anesthesia made me so sick that I had to be admitted and kept overnight. I’ve NEVER felt that bad in my entire life. This procedure won’t take as long as the lumpectomy, and I will get to talk to the anesthesia people ahead of time citing all the good advice in my thread from last year, so please God, I can avoid that awful experience. Nausea, throwing up, room spinning, for several hours. Ugh.
I hope no one snarks up this thread. But it IS the Dope, after all, a cold, prickly nest of cynicism.

Does the surgery being less invasive mean less of the sleepy-potion? If so, maybe you won’t have any (or a lessened) side-effects from it

I think so. Hoping to talk to anesthesia people tomorrow.