The Get a New Hobby Thread

Who needs to get a new hobby, besides yelling at the kids to get off the lawn?

I’ll start by nominating the people constantly complaining of the noise produced by airplanes operating at Washington’s airports. The complaint total certainly seems impressive, but:

That’s 19 times a day.

The airport authority could simply buy this person a good set of headphones.

the bastard that hates everyone and thing in the world unless there giving him car parts or drugs that lives next door … the only reason hes alive is him mom is a nice person and 90 years old …hes such a nuisance that no one in city officialdom will take a call from him and his cronies ,

Everyone posting Trump/Hillary/Bernie crap on FB. No one is changing their stance at this point so you’re all the electronic version of the sidewalk preacher with his megaphone. I can’t imagine the electrons that have been sacrificed to all the vitriol and nonsense.

Weep not for the electrons. They get recycled pretty efficiently.

It’s still the electron equivalent of having “Windows ME production coder” on your resume. Here’s hoping they have support groups.

The Letter to the Editor section of my local small town newspaper is great for this, it’s becoming the biggest reason I get it now. Internet trolling is dull, the anonymous nature of it makes incrediary nonsense not even worth reading. You want good homemade crazy? Read the carefully constructed thoughts of your neighbors who took the effort and put their name on their message to the world.