The Ghost of Herman Cain

Digital insertion of the ghost of Herman Cain, standing behind Trump at all his video tapings, should be a norm for the rest of the year.

// A personal recommendation from me to the Universe.

Apparently he passed away a few hours ago.

And the President has tweeted several times since then - with no mention.

He was unable.

(Obvious joke about what level of Hell he is in.)

I think it’s fair to say Trump (or at least his staffers who organized the Tulsa Rally) probably killed Cain.

Not to mention the other 150,000 they killed

Even better - the president has today tweeted about the owner of a pizza chain, but not Herman Cain! He apparently only likes pizza chain owners who don’t die of Covid.

IMHO this is the crux of it.

In Trump’s tiny shriveled pea brain:

  • Cain dying of COVID makes Trump look bad.
  • Cain dying of COVID is weak, and Trump doesn’t like weak people.

I heard a Trump clip where he mentioned the departed, and blamed China. Seriously.

Yes, I heard him say that in his “Covid Briefing” show. :roll_eyes:

(Insert joke about Godfather’s Pizza being the only type available in Hell)

As always, I feel sympathy for the family and friends of anyone who dies, and Cain is no exception. But his death does appear to be self-inflicted given his vocal opposition to wearing a mask and his insistence on attending at least one large political event. His health wasn’t great to begin with, he then tempted Fate in a big way, and Fate took him down.

I don’t think blaming Trump for Cain’s death will have any more effect than blaming him for the other 150,000 American deaths will. Those who understand the connection aren’t voting for Trump, and those who are voting for Trump don’t care about any connection.

Yeah, I found it hard to entertain schadenfreude yesterday upon hearing of his death. I didn’t agree with anything he believed in but he led a remarkable life in a lot of ways, and he had friends and family who are grieving.

The timing is interesting. Cain’s death comes on the heels of reports that wearing masks actually appear to benefit the wearer after all, cutting the risk of serious infections by up to 65% according to one of the articles I read yesterday. So wearing a mask isn’t just about protecting others but also…you, or whoever’s wearing one.

That’s not new info–I saw that 65% figure over a month ago. From people who were trying to say that made it pointless.

As for Cain: it’s hard for me to know what I feel. Obviously I’m sad for his family, and obviously I’m angry at the maskholes for another death.

But somehow it shows more viscerally how Trump doesn’t care for even those who support him, in my mind.

It’s all a huge jumble.

This is nothing new. Trump cares only about Trump. He does not care about his supporters. He does not care about his allies. He does not care about his family. He sure as hell does not care about the United States of America.

His only concern in any interaction, public, private, or business, is “How does this benefit me, Donald J. Trump.”

Actually, HC may already have been incubating the virus at that rally, which, if that was the case, makes me wonder how many people HE infected, both there and going to and from.

Herman Cain always seemed like a really nice and charismatic guy to me, Rest In Peace.

Most of you have probably seen this already on Facebook:
Herman Cain: There is no Coronavirus!
Coronavirus: There is no Herman Cain.

Cain did seem nice, I will grant you that. And I assume one doesn’t become CEO of a major corporation without at least some charisma.

But he would have been a terrible president. I mean, that 9-9-9 economic plan thing - sheesh.