The Giant Squids are out to get us!!! Says the BBC.

Read the linked story first–
I always knew this day would come! Those B*****ds!! They’ve never forgiven us for that Cheesey Captain Nemo ride at Disney!

To Arms! To Arms! Two arms? NO! AT LEAST 10 ARMS!:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Just so long as they can’t produce title to the portions of the earth that are above sea level…:smiley:

Everybody says that there’s a Giany Squid in Verne’s book(s).
This proves everytbody’s watching movies and not reading the books:

Oh, the irony!

(yeah, from the movie, I know. Still ironic)

Into box of trial for you! There be squid here!

Anyone else find it kinda funny that the squids they keep bringing up seem to be missing their tenticles? At least two stories mention this. Are squid tentacles like gecco tails, where they can pop off when you think you’ve caught one so they can get away while you wonder what the hell to do with this squiggling thing under your cup?


Well, almost. Squid and octopi regenerate their tentacles, as they seem to be at high risk for getting them bitten/ripped off. They don’t just drop off, like I understand some lizards do (glass lizards?).

It sounds like the squid was just grabbing a free ride, and balancing things out for all those people who go snorkeling and grab hold of a dolphin’s fin so they can be dragged through the water.

And of course they need to be able to regenerate their tentacles; they’re the first thing to get lopped off in the movies.

In the top pic, at first glance it looks like the guys feet are gone. Nasty squid.

The ride was lame but the movie kicked ass :smiley:

Damn, caught a giant squid and a guy in orange coveralls. They’ll eat well tonight.

Squid envy. Get therapy.