The good Chase giveth, and the good Chase taketh away

I’m finally in the process of getting my bank accounts straightened out after my divorce, which involves changing everything I pay online and through automatic draft and all that.

If you haven’t ever set up online payments, it’s common in my experience for the account to be verified by the other party via two small deposits made to your account. You verify the amounts of the deposits, and they know they’ve got you set up right.

Paypal gave me $0.22 this way; Chase gave me $0.80 this way.

But Chase drafted their $0.80 back.

I guess times are tougher for banks than I thought.

You have to earn that 80 cents! Stick some money into a high-interest savings account; you might get 80 cents by the end of the next decade!

On the other hand, my husband and I just finally opened a joint account at our bank (CIBC) and because I’m a student, I get 100% off the monthly fees. That is a good thing, because the account that suits us best has a 13$/month fee!