"The Good Shepherd"... is he racist? **SPOILERS**

I think I can make the worst of Wilson’s end:

The line he said when confronted with the whole “what do you have?” speech from Pesci’s gangster, combined with what was NOT said (often more important in this film) when Ulysses said “she’s now in your family. Don’t you want her in your family?”

Ed had “momma” thrown out the plane.

Just one opinion…

so is this:

De Niro directed the best movie of the decade. It is genuinely the best “spy movie” in ages and you know what it doesn’t have? A car chase scene. A shoot-out scene. A majestic action sequence. Its brilliant.

Sorry if any of this is repeat.

Don’t know what you’re asking here. Yes, Wilson’s attitudes in his conversation with Pesci’s character were bigoted. (Par for the course in that time period.) However, I didn’t think the assassination of Wilson’s son’s wife-to-be had anything to do with racism.