The GOP dirty tricks are going to screw...themselves! MUAHAHAHHA

Go to this page, and scroll down to the letter/entry from October 31, 2004 – 03:50 PM EST.

If the GOP drity tricksters think they are going to be discouraging democrats from voting by making it difficult, I think they are going to learn a very painful lesson…that if they slow things down and make it hard, the people who are going to sit there for 10 hours and make sure they vote are the people who plan on voting for Kerry, not the people who plan on voting for Bush.

They are going to screw themselves!


Stoid…predicting Kerry in a bitchslapping landslide.

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Also note all the polls, including FOX’s, showing it going for kerry in all categories…likely, registered, and most decisively, those who have already voted.

and that’s national, where Bush has been leading consistently.

I know my countrymen wouldnt’ let me down.

What exactly were the “hassles” from the Republican election commissioner? Did he ask someone their name or something?

We’re hearing a lot of anecdotes like this from around the country. I wish the media would attempt to cover this story, so we could get a better sense of the extent. Fat chance.

Don’t know, don’t care, not the point.

The point is that if they make it hard, the one most likely to suffer for it will be Bush.

Every single person I know who is voting for Kerry, here in our dark blue state, intends to bring a book and they have blocked out the whole day if necessary. The passion in this election is heavily, heavily weighted on the Kerry (anti-Bush) side. Putting up impediments to voting is going to backfire bigtime. YAY!

A literacy test?

Well, it won’t be a Kerry win… but I agree with youtr applause for voters who push forward and VOTE, as is their right. Hear, hear!

Since we live near each other, howzabout a friendly wager? Kerry v. Bush–loser owes the winner a bottle of wine.

No, they know the story is there, but they are playing dumb because they are too cowardly or too scared to report it. Sure its anecdotal, but they know that its happening. They still keep saying that its going to be pretty even in the end. It would be nice if they did throw in a little hedge based on the changes in early voting, voter registrations, etc. I predict a landslide too based on early voting in many places anyway. If you look at the democratic activist sites vs. teh republican you will also notice the differences in enthusiasm for getting out the vote. The Republicans seem to blame dips in polls due to bias or whatever because they don’t fit what they believe to be true. Gallup is a good example. It had shown Bush with a huge lead and it finally dwindled to dead even. But the democratic side noticed how it was the only poll that was using a sample of Republicans that was at least 10 percent higher than before. But democrats usually use it as motivation to work harder. We democrats have known that it will be a struggle, and the Republicans have been thinking it would be a cakewalk all the way up to the last couple of weeks. Now that people are actually paying full attention, its apparent that it won’t be so easy for the Republicans, but the time nor the motivation is there, because it is on such short notice. So I’ll predict an EV landslide with such surprises as AR and possibly another southern state going Kerry’s way. FL, OH, and PA defenitely will go his way. After that its pretty much over for Bush. I don’t think it will be close though, considering the unprecedented motivation and cohesiveness of the Democratic party. We have never been unified, so it should be interesting how our motivated base, and new political machines will work.

Bricker, if Bush wins, you’ll be making out like a bandit. :slight_smile:

Not a good year for Thunderbird. Though I hear that Mad Dog 20/20 had a good vintage this year.

I want some of that action. A bottle of good California Cab (vintner of your choice) to the winner. grumble Piss off 1/5th of the electoral votes needed to win, will he? Squinty putz! Fuck, fuck, FUCK THE PO-LICE!*

Pfft, Yankees! What would you know about a fine vintage? Boone’s Farm Tickle Pink, that’s the stuff!
[sub]Actually, I was thinking of a subtle Australian Shiraz[/sub]

Heh. You’re on.
I need a spreadsheet to keep track of these now!

Hi, my name is Lib. And I like Mogen David Concord Grape wine. (I think it’s a favorite for Lutheren communion.)

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Bricker, there’s this organization that I know has helped a lot of people, it’s called Gambler’s Anonymous, I’m sure there’s one near you in NoVa… :smiley:

I find this article kind of dubious. In the first place, it’s a letter from some guy, not a newsreport. Second, the web site took out the part where the letter described what was being done by the Republican Election Commission to disrupt his voting.

What is an Election Commission? How did it get to be Republican? Are they the ones who send out voter registration cards? That’s people working for the government. They don’t get elected to their positions. They’re people working office jobs. They’re just as politically affiliated as any typical office place. How is an entire office work force going to go along with a conspiracy to keep 879 poor blacks from voting?

Waited in line for 5 hours, past when the polls closed? I know long waits can seem like 5 hours, but there’s news reports from all over the country about early voters waiting a long time to vote, regardless of race. Poll workers are usually volunteers. My former landlady is one of them. Volunteers who don’t get any reward for their work aren’t likely to be that fast and efficient at looking up names in thousand-page printouts.

The letter writer doesn’t name any names. He alludes to distinguished 80-year old African Americans who said they were denied the right to vote when they were younger. That certainly is very gripping and emotional, whether it happened this election or past elections. But it seems to me this long wait on their parts is due more to an inefficient process than it is purposeful attempts to keep down the votes of poor blacks. Nowhere does it say in the article that they COULDN’T vote or that they would never get a chance to if they came back later when the lines weren’t so long.

But, I’m using reason. That makes me evil and heartless and part of the problem. Think I’ll go read the latest internet meme that compares Bush to Hitler and Saddam to make up for it.

If anyone has voting problems, call 1-866-687-8683 (1-866-OUR-VOTE).

And remember (whoever might need reminding), if you’re in line BEFORE closing, they HAVE to let you vote!

And you can’t wear political t-shirts or buttons inside the polling place. (different states have different policies, but don’t take a chance on being challeneged).

Bring ID. At least one, two is better.

Don’t take any crap from people handing out bogus flyers with lies like “If you haven’t paid a parking ticket, you can’t vote” or other nonsense.

For an interesting look at ongoing voting problems, check out this section at Democratic Underground:

The article refers to a “Republican election commissioner.” I do not know what the duties of a Republican Election Commissioner are, but I can’t imagine why you are doubting that such a title exists. A google search for “republican election commissioner” turns up 225 hits (plus eight news stories); "democratic election commissioner turns up 118. Clearly partisan election commissioners are a common thing.