Whoo hoo! Start the Kerry/Edwards Victory Dance!!

Just wanted to get an early start. :smiley:

I was gonna put this in MPSIMS but I figured it would draw some hostile replies and be Pit-bound soon enough anyway.

Besides I wanted to say FUCK Bush/Chaney! November is gonna be a happy happy time as they spiral down trailing smoke and debris.!!

::insert Woogie Guthrie song here::

Chortle chortle! he heh heh. :stuck_out_tongue:


“All You Fascists Are Born to Lose”?

Good grief.

Look, I want, I need, I hope, I long for a Bush defeat in November, but it’s not a sure thing at all (in fact, I have my personal doubts that it will happen).

I listen to a conservative disc jockey in the ams, who espouses the party line day after day, - not only does he gloss over the entire situation in IRaq, asserting that to question the war, Bush, et al means that we ‘don’t support the troops, God bless them’. ANd he’s got a following - a large one, many of whom call in, damn near ditto/mega dittoing him.

the very last thing we should be doing at this point is a victory dance.

Go shorty, it’s ya birthday,
We gonna party like it’s ya birthday


Not holding my breath, just battening down the hatches either way.

Exactly. Now I remember why I voted for Nader the last time .

“Wow, he really fucked up.”

“Yeah, I know. Well, I didn’t vote for him!” :wink:

I’m worried too.

I don’t think there is anything this administration wouldn’t too to stay in power. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but they are sure to have more dirty tricks to pull (look for an orange alert during the Democratic national convention).

I ain’t doing any victory dances until the corpse of the Bush-Cheney Administration is buried, beheaded, staked, sprinkled with holy water, burned, and the ashes scattered to the four winds.

After all that, then I’ll take a junket to Vegas. Dancing can commence when I return. :slight_smile:

I’m with you. I hope everyone keeps an especially watchful eye on any place that’s using electronic voting, the very thought of which creeps me to the bones.

Maybe groups from other countries should be brought in to watch the polling places, especially in Florida. We do it in other countries, now we need it.

I do not trust the Republican party. I do not trust concervatives. I do not trust right-wingers.

I take that back. I trust concervatives. It’s Conservatives I don’t trust. Concervatives are pretty upstanding folks, honest and fair. That’s why they had to change the spelling, to disassociate themselves.


I do not trust them in a house.
I do not trust them with a mouse.
I do not trust them here or there.
I do not trust them anywhere.
I do not trust green Republicans.
I do not trust them, Sam-I-am.

And on the evening of October 31st the Great Pumpkin will rise from the Pumpkin Patch, because Linus wished it to be true with all his heart.


Great idea! And since Fidel Castro is only a few miles away, he’d be the logical choice to provide our poll watchers.

I do believe the SDMB Libbies have a plan workin’ here. :stuck_out_tongue:

UN turns down request to monitor US Presidential elections

I’m as desperate as anyone for a Republican loss on November 2, but Woody Guthrie would be hardly any more impressed by Kerry/Edwards than he was by any other rich, self-interested politician.

I think it’s great to put all possible effort into getting Bush out of the White House, but this shouldn’t blind us to the fact that his opposition has a whole bunch of failings too.


Geez. WAY too early for a victory dance. Kerry’s victory is so far from assured that it’s, uh… in doubt. In fact, celebrating too early could cause problems. I still remember in 2000 Rush Limbaugh coming on some TV news program and predicting that Bush would win in a landslide. I wondered if this prediction had caused many conservatives to stay home, assured of their victory, thus helping to make the election too close for comfort.

I live in a pretty conservative area of a pretty conservative state, and I know Bush has lots of support from people and places like this. My parents are both intelligent people, and they’re both going to vote for Bush. Bush actually has lots of smart people supporting him, not to mention the hoardes of dummies who’ll be heading to the polls on election day.

I’ll be voting for Kerry, but my vote doesn’t really matter since Bush’s victory is assured here in Texas (thanks a lot, electoral college…).

Sure they do, and I think we should all start examining those motes in their eye first thing on November 3.

In the meantime, let’s concentrate on getting this beam out of ours.

Mother rapers. Father stabbers. Father rapers!

I know that’s Arlo Guthrie, but the song is in my head now.

(excepting Alice)