My Fellow Democrats! Time now to do our Happy Dance!

Inspired, of course, by this thread.

Flame all you want republicans, we can’t hear you ‘cuz we’re cranking up the tunes and struttin’ our stuff.


Nope, no flames here. Enjoy!

I refuse to gloat about anything, except that the election ended without a lawsuit or a last-minute recount. I am proud that John McCain conceded gracefully.

Of course, there will be recounts to determine the Georgia and Minnesota Senate races, but not the Presidency.

Too lefty to be an actual Democrat, but I’ve voted for them pretty much exclusively, and hot damn! what a wonderful thing has happened! I’d probably be even happier if I didn’t have a hangover that would kill an ox. Oh, wait! I haven’t tuned in to right wing radio yet! That’ll cheer me up, nothing like tighty righties gnashing teeth and tearing their hair to bring a song to my heart!

Lets all don our *leiderhosen *and do the happy-joy dance!

Happy, happy, joyjoyjoy
Happy happy joy!
Happy happy joyjoyjoy
Happy happy joy joy!

I started my own Happy-Dance thread last night but it’s been merged with the [url=]F*ck eah!!! thread.

Dear Democrats:
You’re in. You have the presidency, and a huge chunk of both the House and Senate. First, congratulations.

Second, please please please don’t fuck this up for us. Please look at what the neo-cons and other pubs did in the last 8 years, and don’t do that. Bring the gubmint back under control. Bring our soldiers home. Try to shore up our flagging military so that we can respond if something legitimate does come up. Help the economy. Try and get some things done, there’s a lot that needs doing. Try to salvage some of our international rep. Don’t worry about gun control. And please don’t let the sudden power go to your head.

The pubs ran uncontrolled over you for 4 years, and called anyone who disagreed with them a traitor. You might have some hurt feelings. I understand. But learn from them, don’t follow their example. Compromise with them. And I mean really compromise, where both sides get something, not what the pubs have been demanding everyone else do lately. You remember that one time, when something bad happened and everyone in government got together and put aside their differences for that one brief moment and helped people? That’s what you guys are supposed to be like all the time. Lead by example. Show people what government can be like.

And please please please don’t fuck this up.