The GOP is the party of Authoritarian Bullies and Gaslighting now

I originally posted this in the Elections thread on the Mueller Report.

Oddly no conservatives/Trump defenders replied or tried to dispute any of this. So I decided to make it a thread. Tell me what is incorrect about this assessment:

The Republicans are the party of authoritarian bullies now. It’s no longer about trying to sell their ideas or convince people to agree with them, its simply about forcing their will on the country now. They know they can’t win in an honest debate about what’s going on, so they are just about using their power to hang on to power regardless of what the people want or what is right or wrong. They have the power and the libs don’t and they are going to just keep bullying and gaslighting because that’s all they have now. What are their policy proposals at this point? What actual things are they running on other than the fearmongering that the liberals are trying to destroy our America and we must do anything to destroy them first. They are trying to keep their base deceived and angry and afraid, and that’s all that matters. Governing? Nah. Winning legitimate political debates? Nah. Avoiding hypocrisy? Nah. Bullying and gaslighting and playing keep-away with the power of the state? Sounds good.

Don’t they have to convince people to agree with them in order to get the votes to stay in power?

How are the GOP trying to convince anyone outside of their hardcore base to agree with them these days?

Apparently, it doesn’t take more than their hardcore base to get re-elected. So why would they?

Right, so that’s exactly what I’m saying. They don’t have to argue in good faith with those of us on the other side because it doesn’t matter. That’s why it feels like arguing with a brick wall all the time because they don’t care, they don’t feel any need to convince anyone of anything. They have the power, and fuck you if you don’t.

Perhaps there are a lot of people, outside of the hard-core base, that just don’t think things are bad enough to put forth the effort?

Not a majority, if they fix enough elections and gerrymander.

The current U.S. government is mostly Republican, but in the elections that have delivered the existing President, Representatives and Senators, most votes were for Democrats. Throw in the ridiculous shenanigans at the state level ,which are almost entirely Republican - the Georgia gubernatorial election of 2018 can really not even be called an actual election - and it’s pretty clear David Frum is right:

Nobody who posted as you did in the Elizabeth Warren “free college” thread in GD has any right to complain about bad faith argumentation.


So you don’t disagree with the OP then? Or are you just threadshitting?

You can argue with me about that there. Where it’s relevant to the discussion. Instead of trying to derail this thread.

Unless you have something to say in response to this OP I will decline to respond to you further here.

I’m responding to the OP. You are being hypocritical. All this shit about the other side not arguing in bad faith is projection.



I stand by everything I said in that other thread, and would be happy to discuss further with you there. Where it would be on topic and not threadshitting.

So does anyone have a response to this OP? Anyone care to dispute it?

Do they? :dubious:

Politicians will say and promise anything to get in and keep power. This is not a Republican or Democrat thing. It’s a nature of power seeking thing. That’s why the whole US government is set up with checks and balances.

Sure, but the parties aren’t the same in every single way. In the present, the GOP, in terms of Republican elected office-holders, are doing much more to fight for authoritarianism, against the rule of law, for sexism/misogyny/bigotry, and many more things that are morally wrong, then elected office-holders in the Democratic party. It’s reasonable to criticize the Republican party for this.

And the Republicans have a dreadful anti science wing let’s not forget that. However, pandering and deception is a huge part of the game in a democracy and people are not doing themselves any favors by ignoring that fundamental issue.

Why is it you never show up when the right wing speaks to tell them that “both sides do it”? This fake “fence sitting” crap is old, troll.

Listen dummy, when there are 50 in the hive you don’t need the 2-3 remaining non hive mind members of this board to join the colony.

What message board do you go to to bothsides the right wing?

Can you share some of your posts from there so we can see that you are fair and that you actually are criticizing the other side for what you say both sides do?

I don’t think that part is going away, but we should be critical when that pandering and deception is in the service of awful things like authoritarianism, lawlessness, anti-science, etc.

Huh? I don’t post on a predominately right wing board. I post here.:dubious: