The goth look does not age well - Pudgy old Robert Smith of the Cure shows why

I like the Cure’s music, but 45 year old Robert Smith really needs to put down the mascara brush and the lipstick at this point.

I agree. I’ve seen recent pictures where Robert Smith weirdly resembles Elizabeth Taylor.

I hate to say it but neither does the Hip Hop look baggy pants and all that unless you look really young like say your in your 40’s and look like your in your 20’s or early 30’s.

He looks eerily like someone I’ve seen before. I can’t figure out who it is, though.

Wait, I got it: Alice Cooper.

I dunno, Siouxie looks pretty good.

Tim Burton was never a prize, but he is even less of one now that he’s nearly 46.

In 1982, The Cure was at the height of their popularity, just about. Robert Smith was slender, slick, and sexy.

I, too, was slender, slick, and sexy. Buff, too. Full head of thick, luxurious hair.

Now, I am old, bald, and fat.

But my wife still loves me.

Wonder if Robert Smith’s fans still feel the same way?

I remember the rumour back in the eighties was that Robert’s handlers had shaved ten years off his age to make him more marketable.

He doesn’t look too bad for a 55 year old.

I’m sure Cure fans still love you too.

This just proves exactly how bad my judgement at the age of fourteen was. I was sure that Robert Smith and I were soulmates destined to be together. Now I look at him and feel sorta queasy.

Cure fan here, 36: I think Robert looks just fine. In his Lovecats days, he used to be too gorgeous. When I became fan, at 14, he looked just like today: a cuddly, slightly overweight mix of weltschmerz and mischief, with lots of self-depricatory humour and a dreamy, theatrical, self-brewed look.

I’d definately still do him, if it weren’t for his beloved wife Mary :slight_smile:

I have to agree with astro. I’ve always been a huge Cure fan, and loved (and tried to emulate) their image in the mid-80s, but I think it’s about time that Robert laid off the makeup and hair gel.

It won’t change his music, after all–which I still love, even though I don’t try to dress like him, like I did almost 20 years ago.

20 years ago?? :eek:

f*ck, I’m getting old too.

Nitpick: Actually, their height of popularity was 1992 (release of “Wish”, #2 on Billboard charts, sold out tour), and Robert Smith was about three-quarters of the way to looking how he does now :smiley:

START, sweetheart, we’ve tried to explain to you before that that look doesn’t work at any age. No. Now put on some pants that fit right, and make sure they stay at your waist, please.

I think he looks great. I’d definitely approach him first in a roomful of 40-somethings. Too bad it’s not his regular look and just a stage persona, but it’s nice to know that the same generation that succeeded in smashing all these silly conformist fashion rules for a time is still upsetting people.

I don’t think that the whole ‘goth’ thing is what looks bad on Smith. I think that bloated and not in good health look are what look bad. Is he still heavily drinking?

I don’t think that being over 40 with ink black hair and eyeliner is bad (Snape, anyone?), I just think that it tends to make Smith look dated. It makes it look like he hasn’t grown as a person.

That just says that he hit main stream listeners and became popular to them. So yeah “technically” :wink: at their height.
I was dancing to him in the club at 17 to the lovely poser love song “why can’t I be you” and another fav “Just like heaven”.
I know those couldn’t be out later than 90 because they were out before I had my first child and still could be a teen at the end of 90.
I was the odd girl in school for liking their music. Went to a small farm community school. Yeah, good times.

1987 :slight_smile:

This is going to sound terrible, but am I the only one who thought these guys looked pretty dorky when they were young?

The look hasn’t aged all that well, but I still love the man beneath the makeup.