The governor of Massachusetts has WHAT?!

Read it and, er… weep.

Wow that whole story just struck me as… bitter.

What’s the complaint? They’re ugly, they’re too large, they spent too much money on them?

I presume there is no question that the govenor spent his own money on the house, not the state’s so why is this even an issue?

Yeah, I’m not seeing the outrage. Gov. Patrick has money and he built himself a big house. What’s wrong with a squash court if he wants it?

:eek: :smiley:

Okay, maybe now I see the outrage.

I think it’s just a complaint about gauche new money ruining the neighborhood for the old money. In particular one of the complaints is that there’s an “aesthetically offensive” mansion within eyesight of “the country club”. Also, lots of comments about the “vulgar” lack of modesty on display by these particular rich dudes.

Move your eyes up three posts from this one.

It’s the cum pool, isn’t it? I missed that the first time through.

Oh I don’t know; that must provide a fairly large number of men with a minimum wage job to keep it filled.

Minimum wage? I think you’d be able to find people who’d pay more than that to take part.

Is that a typo Or some more weird Mass. slang?

“Cum” is the Latin word for with, evidently what it means here. You thought something else?

cum – Latin for “with”. Author was either trying to be classy and FAILed or was making a little joke, in which case we all saw what he did there.

Frankly, if Patrick needs someplace to keep his pet sperm whale, who are we to complain?

Look, I’m as happy to sneer at a rich guy from Massachusettes as anyone. But this doesn’t even register on my meter.

It’s Latin for “with.” And every bit as pretentious as any of the houses at which the columnist turned up his nose.

So you’ve never heard of a johnny cum lately? I think it’s slang for nouveau riche.

You don’t want to offend all those Catholic voters in Boston by wasting the stuff. So you got to get creative in figuring out a way to store it.

Alas, one more piece of evidence of the lack of literacy in America.

I’m talking about this thread, not the ad.

Actually, the article is off. There shouldn’t be a comma in the phrase “house cum pool.” Putting a comma there suggests that, yes, there is a spooge depository out back.

The problem here is not the lack of literacy, but the opposite – too much literacy, I’d say.

And I’ll point out in passing that the phrase in question appears, unchanged, in Alex Beam’s column in today’s Boston Globe.

The question is, are they going to cum quietly? If they’re edumacated, they could cum laude.