The grave of the Elephant Man has been Discovered

Well according tothis story it has.

I have doubts. Maybe Amelia Earhart is there as well with Lord Lucan.


There were soft tissue samples preserved in fluid, I’ve read, but apparently they dried out during WWII, so we no longer have any skin samples (unless some were preserved elsewhere).

Wouldn’t you expect other elephant men buried nearby, or is that a myth?

Like the Fabled Elephant Men Burial Ground? I think it’s just a myth.

Besides, he had his tusks removed when he was still young, so you shouldn’t hope to find ivory there.*

*True, but underappreciated because it’s not in the movie or the play – Joseph Merrick was called “The Elephant Man” not just because of the rough texture of his skin and his oversized arm and legs. He also had a “tusk” growing from his mouth. He had it removed in a bout of no doubt very painful, no-anaesthetic surgery when he was still pretty young. It’s described in Peter Ford and Michael Howell’s undeservedly obscure book The True History of the Elephant Man.

It’s also mentioned in the Wikipedia article, which cites Howell and Ford (although, for some reason, then give a 1992 date for the book, which first published circa 1980) – Joseph Merrick - Wikipedia

The tusk removal wouldn’t have been as difficult in Alabama where the tusks-a-loosa, Groucho Marx said so.

One morning I shot an elephant man in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I’ll never know.

Huh. I was watching a YouTube top ten video last night. It was the top ten makeup transformations in movies. One of the movies on the list was about the Elephant Man. It said that the makeup artist not only studied pictures of his face, he studied his skeleton, too. And there was a shot of the skeleton.

Was that skeleton a copy? Someone else’s? Have I fallen into a time warp again?

No, it’s true his skeleton was preserved. The claim is that the grave contains soft tissue removed from his bones.

Didn’t Michael Jackson own the bones at one point?

There’s a story that MJ tried to buy the bones. It’s disputed if that ever happened. Certainly if it happened at all, the offer was rejected.

Some info here.

How can you tell an elephant man has been in your refrigerator?

There’s foot prints in the butter!