The Great Big Straight Dope PICTURE Thread

OK, I know this is what the SD People Pages are for, but so many of the images are broken and anyways, I just thought this would be fun.

Everyone post a link to your picture! If you want a place to put one up on the web easily, works fine, and Yahoo! will host your image for free in a photo album or in your profile.

Here I am.


I don’t have any “real” pictures of myself scanned in, just low-quality webcam pictures. This one is my favorite of the bunch.


There’s a new site in town: Max Carnage’s Unofficial SDMB Members Picture Pages

There’s a thread about it here in MPSIMS, at most a few days back, titled something like “I wanna see pictures” and started by hillbilly queen

I could’ve sworn that thread had a couple million posts right now…and/or was locked, which was why I didn’t bother posting on it. Hmm…I suppose I’ll go check it out.


If you follow the link in my signature that says “Jazz and stuff” there are a couple of pictures of me on that page.

Of course I say that and then forget to click the signature box. :smack:

Thanks for the plug galen.

I’m still taking submissions for the pages too. I try to update it once a week, but page 7 is coming in kinda sparse this week. Help me people!

Maybe jinwicked will come through with the “naughty Catholic schoolgirl” outfit…

okay you asked for it

I say if a picture’s good once, it’s good for the next 134 posts.

Here we are.

Am I the only one that gets a “Cannot find server” error on Lucki Chaarms’s link?

We’re penciled in tentatively for the first month of August. :wink:

More places with pictures:

Doper Profiles at

Teeming Millions Big-Ass Collage

Photo-Rama (free photo albums for any doper who wants one. Just let me know and send me a zip file of pics.)

I forgot about these. (I’m the one in the long leather overcoat).
They are a little grainy because they were captures from a music video.

Feel free to use this one of me.

These are pictures i took, and Wisest Novel was gracious enough to upload them for me. Other ChidopePictures are there, as well as a few more,.some ChiDope Pictures