The Unofficial Straight Dope Members Picture Pages

Thanks to the inspiration of this thread , I’ve created a simple yet handy little page where you can view a nice selection of the member photos posted in that thread. I’m no professional so don’t expect music and flash animations or anything. But if you want to see some of the beautiful people that post here (and me, too), I think it does the trick.

Click HERE and meet a friendly face.

Now, if your pic is not there and you’d like it to be, send me an email with a link to your pic and I’ll post it along with a link to your site. If your pic is on the page and you don’t want it there, or if you have a personal site you’d rather me link to, or if I’ve just plum screwed up somewhere (say it ain’t so!), just click on my name and email me. I’ll make all the necessary corrections as soon as possible.

(swampy and Nacho4Sara, I do have your pics but you two would be all alone on page four and I don’t know if I can trust you yet. When I get a few more, page four will be revealed.)

Thanks to everyone who cheered me on (including incorporal Janet.)

Very Nice !

Max …

The only thing I might mention is your use of The Straight Dope logo as your background. As far as I know, this is copyrighted artwork of The Chicago Reader and you would need their permission to use it.

Other than that, it looks great.

Yeah, I’d wondered about that myself. I tried to give credit where credit was due, but if it becomes an issue I’ll change backgrounds. In fact I’ll probably start working on one asap before it becomes and issue.

SD logo: Free publicity! If I was in Chicago (or the US), I’d buy it - especially if it bought the board more hamsters.


Oh man, now it seems that i’ve formed some new crushes…

Great work, Max, but if you could please do me a favor and point out that the too-gorgeous guy standing next to me is Airman Doors, I’d appreciate it :slight_smile:

Lookin’ good, Max.

The only thing I will do is double check with the Aussie Dopers that it’s okay to have their pics there. When I gave you the link to the page of photos, I didn’t ask them individually if they minded. It’s just a formality, and they should be fine with it, given that all those photos are on the web already.

Dude, I am so right next to OpalCat. That rocks!! Yeah, I’m a made man, now, no doubt.

I think it looks great, Max.

Well dog, I only used the ones that posted in the original thread. I haven’t sought out other members on those pages. But if anyone objects, I’ll be only too happy to comply.

MsRobyn, your wish is my command.

rubes, happened to you too, eh? Imagine how I felt having to look at those pix for days on end. I’m in love seven times over. Maybe I should put up a warning.

Speaking of which, Uncle Cecil hizownself asked me to change the background, so for right now, I’ve lay down a lovely carpet atop the hardwood SD logo. I’ll try to find a non-copyright-infringement logo of my own.

See how easy I am? It’s amazing I’m not more popular with the ladies. um…how about spreading the word for me, eh?

Ok, maybe not ‘shameless.’ I’m just wanting to see if anyone else wants to submit a pic to help complete page 4. Lots of good stuff so far but just a few more oughta fill 'er up. Any takers?

You can place mine up.

Sure. This is the main pic from my web site. Yes, it’s old. I look the same, just minus about a foot of hair.

It’s a large file…happy compressing!

Ok, what the heck…
Here’s Me

here’s me at my favorite place:
The Cat at rest

here’s me at my favorite place:
The Cat at rest

And then there’s little ol’ moi at link or, more aptly, as my e-mails tend to admit, The.

I’m like a big bowl of fun. Except I’m not shaped like a bowl. Or fun a lot of the time. Which means nothing really, 'cept I stink at similes. :slight_smile:

Looks great!

Um, except for one thing…

Where’s jackelope?

I posted to that original thread; I know I did, because Hillbilly Queen herself even said she liked my feet (!).

Please, can jackelope come out to play? (Better stop before this gets pathetic… Oops! Too late!)

Here’s my page

Feel free to take from there. :slight_smile:
(Oh, and thats Trinity , my wife.)

jackelope, I coulda sworn I had you on there already. I know I already cropped the picture and resized it. It’s you playing guitar on the beach, right? Many apologies, and in memory of Ann Landers I shall administer to myself a hundred lashes with a wet noodle.