Okay Ladies -- it's your turn

Time for you to step up to the plate…you have seen the SDMB Men…time for you to show your bods and faces!

Send me your pics coflower1@aol.com (some have had better luck with COflower1@aol.com)

I have had a lot of men respond to this, time for you!

http://www.cwcm.net/sdmbmen <— check it out

The only pics around here of me that I can find, I hate. I’ll keep looking, or take a new one in the morning. I’m still trying to scan in the guys pics for you. :slight_smile:

Unless you can shave off about 40lbs for me? Please? :frowning:

Already sent mine in…can’t wait to see everyone!

I sent mine in too (but to the wrong addy at first lol).

Maybe it’s a blonde thing. Yeah, dizziness… it runs in the hair. giggle


You can use a pic of me from this page, if it’s okay with Laura/Ruffian:


I favor the one of me holding up the lobster cookie.

I sent mine to you via email. I hope it comes through okay.
Excuse me, I’m gonna go back and oogle the guys now.


I was terribly disappointed to see that I wasn’t included in your SDMB men’s page. Is it coming soon, or did you have trouble with the pic?

I noticed in my logs that some people had trouble with my pic, so I re-posted it as a jpeg pic instead.


Sent you mine, but got disgusted and confuzzled halfway through so I sent you several. Choose whichever one you can laugh at the most.

I sent a couple pictures to the CO address, I did.

And I must say, excellent job on the men.

So far, I have 17 women that have responded…
Good turn out. Don’t be left out because I am turning off the clock at midnight Mountain time tomorrow night :slight_smile:
This time I will do one showing, unlike the Mens pages. It got a little out of hand.

Oh, and just a little tid bit of information ladies, the men have responded with almost 80 pics. Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me. If you need more time to primp and preen before you send me your pic, then I will allow it.

Seeing as I am a woman, I can understand this.

Ladies, you gotta send your pics in. Don’t be shy!

I haven’t been around the boards lately, but if you are still taking pics, I’ll send a new one of me in.

Techie I’ll get you mine asap.

Hey, Tech, when’s the final deadline? My sister should be bringing scanned pictures from a photoshoot to my apartment (her: “You’re a geek. Make our website.” me: “Grrrrrr…can’t find fault with either of those statements. grrrrr.”) so hopefully I’ll have some good ones up by tomorrow (Thursday). Is that too late?

Well, I have no way of E-mailing a photo of myself, and techchick never answered my E-mail asking if I could mail her one, so I guess she is rolling her eyes disgustedly at my Luddite, un-tech-chick ways . . . But for those of you who can’t live any longer without knowing, there’s an interview with a photo of me at:


Oh goody. I like the one I sent you–but not because you can see what I look like. I like it because it is an “artistic” interperetation of the NYC doperfest.

I’ll dig out the photo album (shoebox) and find a better one today.

Eve–That’s a lovely picture of you!

Here ya go techchick! These are the pics you did for me once before. You can use the one of me with my kids 'cause that’s the most recent. Unless you can give me until 8:30 tomorrow morning so I can find a picture of me by myself and scan it when I get to work!


Did you get mine techchick?


Anyone ever tell you that you look just like Rick James in that picture?