Straight Dope People Pages - update?

C’mon - I had to cajole Imthecowgodmoo to send his picture (which isn’t a good one - he also sent me his really, really cute one, which I think you should post as well), so when is it going to be posted?

Add him to my list of Unrequired Love of Hopelessly Straight Men from the SDMB… {SIGH}

(I’m going to have to put his picture up on a web page somewhere so that he can link it for his Teeming Millions profile - that’s my next project.)


Always a tease aren’t ya!

-SS :stuck_out_tongue:

After the last update and its accompanying fights, I’m not sure we should have anymore. :wink:

What fights? I must have missed that.
I thought it was a huge success.

I don’t normally post to point out a perceived misspelling, but this one was too funny . . .

“UnreQUIRED Love of Hopelessly Straight Men . . .”

Of course, it may have been no misspelling at all.

I downloaded the picture but we’ll see how this works after I have manipulated it…

I don’t know when the next updates will be. I hate coding by hand and Shayna is far better about picking colors for the background since she knows them so well.

I will be up sometime in some part of the future.

Ok, I’ve been feeling really guilty about this, so tonight I promise to do all the pages for the pictures that have been uploaded (thank you, techchick!). (There have actually been a few new pages added for over a week now, but I haven’t had time to add them to the index list so the only way you’d have known is if you were scrolling through and happened upon them.)

My only excuse is that I’ve been extremely busy at work. My boss is a political consultant for Congressman Xavier Becerra, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, Senator Adam Schiff and is the treasurer for former Congresswoman Jane Harman (who is running again). With the elections just around the corner, you can imagine how crazed things have been in our office (but exciting, too!). I almost got to attend a function with Senator (and Vice Presidential candidate) Lieberman, but I couldn’t get away from the office early enough and I had to miss it. :frowning:

If I get a chance later, I’ll scan some pictures of my boss’s adorable son with President Clinton that were taken at an event a few weeks ago.

So anyway, get ready for updates later tonight! :smiley:

Don’t feel guilty, Chez Nah, we appreciate your good work!


Iamthecowgod…'s picture just came in and haven’t had a chance to mess with it yet.

Oh and don’t worry. These people are worse than children running after an ice cream truck. :wink: Take your time you are busy and life does go on without pics of our members.


Keep your panties on my dear < hehe > you already have the pic so you can drool over it all you want.

Man…now I want to see him, too! Thanks for keeping us in suspense!

I still want to see DRY’s picture, and Homer’s…come on, guys!

<sigh> And she’s a Democrat, too. Tell me, fellows, is there anything wrong with this woman? UncleBeer, you and your Republican friends can keep your mouths shut.

12 NEW People have been added:

Broken Doll
Dolores Claiborne
Wood Thrush

And 2 People have updated pics now

Mega The Roo

There are now 281 Dopers represented on The People Pages!

If you submitted a picture and don’t see your name on the list, I’m waiting for the images to be uploaded. Keep those pics coming everyone - I’m sure to have more free time in a week or so, after the election. :slight_smile:

Oh my, but if that isn’t a loaded question. :wink:

The People of The Straight Dope

As always, cous, thanks for the site (you, too, techie!).

And, Lnix and LaurAngeHow ya doin??? :slight_smile:

just so everyone knows… I am NOT smoking a joint in my pic- I swear! (I’m sure everyone will want to see it now…)

Broken Doll



D’oh! I can’t even write a good exclamation of juvenile lust without buggering it up.

Did my post post or did the cyber-gremlins eat it?

Just checking. If not the board needs some serious work as it’s getting harder and harder to tell if your post made it for the world to see.

Looks like the cyber-gremlins ate my post…damnit.

Off to ATMB I go, whooosh.

Well dropper my friend…looks like I am not in the running and now considered damaged goods in your eyes as I am a Libertarian…sigh.

Don’t blame Unca…he had nothing to do with this post.
< giggle >