The People Pages *UPDATES* Thread

I thought it best to start a separate thread to let everyone know about updates to the People Pages as they happen.

Techchick finished the pictures and I just finished the pages for 23 NEW people + 3 REVISIONS.

For those still having trouble locating it, here is a link to The People of The Straight Dope Pages


Wow. Thanks Shayna!!

::get down on your knees and worship the goddess!!!::

Shayna…I know you’d start an updates thread. I miss hte regular ones you used to start. :slight_smile:

It is interesting to see how the pictures compare to the image you have in your mind from what you’ve read about the person on the board.
techchick68 is absolutely gorgeous and not how I expected her to look at all. I feel it is my loss that I didn’t get the opportunity to meet her when I lived in Colorado Springs.
MagicalSilverKey is one of my favorite posters. He almost has a lyrical quality to his posts. No matter the subject he starts (and he starts a lot ;)) he finds the upbeat side to everything. I was expecting to see a magic twinkle in his eye and was surprised instead that he was a mere human like the rest of us. Perhaps his twinkle is hidden by his magic spectacles.
aha is probably 10 years older than me and looks 10 times as good. I wish I was as handsome as that devil.
ultress looks like the refined southern gentlewoman I expected.
Eve appears to be worthy of the crush I have developed on her over time from reading her posts. I have read her compare herself to a younger Mrs. Howell but I think a classier Ginger is a better description.
bio-brat, oh geez, I think I am going ga-ga (that is a good thing ;)).
purplebear, one of my favorite posters isn’t there :frowning: but at least I got to see Mr. purplebear, pipefitter. He looks worthy of that wonderful woman ;).
hamadryad what a smile! Shazam!

People without pictures I was hoping to see: Scylla and notthema… er Duck Duck Goose.

3 NEW pictures added, 2 REVISIONS + 1 name correction (added the 90 to psycat for anyone who may have bookmarked the old way).


ROFLMAO! Oh yes, I can see it now hundreds of the SDMB members changing that psycat bookmark. :rolleyes:

Thanks Shayna, I needed that. And thanks for such a fantastic page. Great job!

Actually psycat it isn’t the SDMB members who had you bookmarked and had to make the changes but the subscribers to Hot Message Board Vixens Magazine. :wink:

:: Fixing Bookmark ::

Finally found the patch CD that came with my Mother Board.

Thanks again, Shayna


You have to reselect SIG ON after a preview.

Well shit fire and shave your matches :smiley:


Wow, great, you all are beautiful & welcome back Shayna, you are wonderful too! Don’t forget the Monterey GT, the pictures are around here somewhere.

So where is your pic dude?

wanderer, I thank you for the compliment, but I am not married to Purplebear. Her picture is posted on this thread, and she is married to MrBear, who’s picture is also posted at this thread. Now if she were single…oops, I forgot, I’m married also. :slight_smile:

Also, thank you to Shayna, you did a wonderful job on this.

Thanks for setting me straight pipefitter. I am sorry I got my facts wrong, but purplebear is a sweetheart and you have the face of the man who deserves a sweetheart so I stand by my intent.

I sent Techchick a picture when they had the “Women of the SDMB” thread. That never came out did it? I also don’t see the pic I sent in The People Pages either. Did it crash the system? Not that it’s all that important but I figured a couple of people might at least want to print it out and throw darts at it.


aha, it was in the Monterey GT. I haven’t submitted one other than those, yet. Soon perhaps.


I moved the picture from the original inclusion and put it in the next batch.

I just added 6 NEW people & 4 ADD’L group gathering links. There will be more to come later today. Stay tuned…

I always throught that was “Shit fire, and SAVE the matches”

You know, because your ‘shitting’ fire, so you don’t have to use your matches.

You may now resume this thread for it’s intended purpose.