Survey: Who do you most want to see added to the SD People Pages.

My list:**
[list][li]The rest of the Moderators and Administrators[/li][li]Slug and Cecil (Camera shy, I know, but this is a Survey)[/li]The busiest posters who are still hiding:
[li]Dry[/li][li]Duck Duck Goose[/li][li]dropzone[/li][li]handy[/li]Silver_fire**


  • Balance
  • SuaSponte

Those are my main two.

Give us time. The cameras keep breaking for some reason…

I sincerely doubt that, hon… grins

*lee (I want to see H cup breastages ;))
*MagicalSilverKey smiling

neuro-trash grrrl.

*Originally posted by Oncle Bière *

I’m flattered, but don’t hold your breath: I’d be the only one to LOSE Crush and Laminated List votes, should I actually be foolish enough to post a picture.

Besides, what if I’m really a troll or sockpuppet?

Ditto DRY.

We already love ya. Be not afraid.

Falcon you loveable slut. As I don’t even own a camera, the best bet is that mine will appear after the Vegas Doperfest.
BTW, I’m holding you to that beer when I move to DeeCee!


Loveable SLUT? You’re in trouble now…better hope I can’t go to Vegas, or I’ll beat you up!

But I’ll still buy you that beer. :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to get Ukulele Ike to send in a photo . . . But he already has such trouble with lovesick damsels throwing themselves at his feet every time he walks down the street. What with the death last year of JFK, Jr., Ike has taken over as New York’s number-one heartthrob.

Cecil and Slug, of course.
A certain fossil-fuel poster, though I know she’d sooner eat her toenails than allow a pic of her to be taken.
DRY, though we know he won’t allow that.

I’d also like to see more pictures of certain female dopers who will remain nameless on the off-chance I ever get to meet them IRL.

I’m going to leave now before Falcon starts hitting Sua with everything including the kitchen sink for calling her a slut.

Now I want a little sockpuppet to vote for myself on all the popularity threads!

You s’pose anyone will figger it out if I name it PersnicketyAsAnOldWoman? SnarkyAsAnOldGeezer? [stroking chin thoughtfully]

Whatever, Falcon, whatever.

I suppose the reason I haven’t been mentioned is because people wanting to see me just goes without saying.

::flees, crying hot, passionate tears::


Nacho4Sarah. I don’t run across her posts often, but when I do I am always struck by how well she has said something. I’d like to put a face to that name.

And of course, ricepad, so I could leer at him over my lunch hour.

Sorry it took so long… Im an artist. We would rather do pictures of other people…try the sig.

Come back, Homer! I’m sorry…I knew I was leaving someone off the list… What, me saying it damn near every night in chat hasn’t convinced you I want to see your picture??

Ahh thanks! I wanted to submit a pic but I kept forgetting. I’m planning on sending one to Shayna soon.

In the meantime, here is the only one I have on the internet:

I’m on the left, next to the girl with the back of her head to the camera.

I wish I had some better pics, but they are all upstairs on MY computer, which has yet to be hooked up to the cable modem. So enjoy! :slight_smile:

Hey Handy you’ve got a real Phil Simms thing goin’ there. Nice tux!