Who is the cutest SDMB poster on the People pages?

I would like to request that people please not use this thread to criticize someone’s looks, or to say they’re ugly or anything like that. This thread is meant to be positive. It takes a certain amount of courage to post your picture online, and I don’t want these people to get burned for their courage. So let’s give them the compliments they deserve.

No one’s feelings can be hurt this way, even by omission, because there are too many posters for everyone to be mentioned.

No sexual fantasies either, please. Not unless you know the person personally and you know they wouldn’t mind.

So, then:

Cyndar is very attractive. (It was her post in my “exotic beauty” thread that first led me to the People pages.) Geobabe is lovely in a sedate way.

SPOOFE Bo Diddley is a handsome younger-looking man. CalMeacham is a handsome older-looking man.

MODERATOR: If you feel this thread is inappropriate, go ahead and shut it down.

racinchikki. Of course, I’m a bit biased…:wink:

Shut it down! I’m waiting, all simpery and coy, for my name to be mentioned!

Oh, yeah, that’s right. My pic isn’t on the People Pages.

No sweat, tclouie, the only potential problem might be when this thread runs so many pages it slows down the boards.


Thank you very much for “lovely,” though I assure you that anyone who has ever met me would never use “sedate” in the same sentence as my name–unless of course, they wanted to have me sedated.

But I am aghast by the concept of a sedated Geobabe. I wanna be sedated!


**Andygirl **looks to be my type. I always wear black.

[homoerotic sarcasm]::drools over his keyboard looking at oldscratch’s picture::[/homoerotic sarcasm]

No, I’m straight and comfortable with that. So I can admit when a guy is decent looking. Oldscracth, your ok, but you’re no Fairy Princess Kitty. Oh wait, she isn’t on the site, oh well, eitherway :slight_smile:

Swimming Riddles. So dignified for 21.

Hey, back off there Mercutio he’s mine! :wink: (Thanks for changing your sig by the way!)

I, of course, vote for oldscratch as well.

[sub]But Simetra gets a vote too, just cuz.[/sub]

Is it just me or does Swimming Riddles bear a passing resemblance to Kelly from the Survivor show?

[slight hijack]
I thought Kelly was one of the more attractive people on that show, next to Jenna, Gretchen, Gervase and (don’t flame me) Dirk.

[/slight hijack]

realidad is another pretty one.

Oh, ** Nymysys **, no doubt about it. :slight_smile:

Oh, you’re all so cute! But if I have to narrow it down…

The Men: Lux Fiat gets my number one vote. What a studmuffin! (I bet no one’s ever called you that before, huh?)

Coldfire, Crunchy Frog, Billdo, Soulsling, and Lizard are terribly cute as well. Lizard - what nice big beefy arms you have! Yum yum yum! Coldfire has that sexy European thang going, while Crunchy Frog is workingthe bad-boy-but-still-sweet-and-sincere vibe. (I might be looking a little too much at these photos, but hey!). And I met Soulsling in person and can verify that he is cute right to the point of hot.

And although my fiance SuaSponte isn’t on the page, rest assured that he is terribly, fantastically, unbelievably cute in every possible way!

The Ladies: GreenEyes has incredibly beautiful eyes, while Falcon and Mega the Roo are just too cute for words. Delphica and Biggirl are babes too!

I find that the essence of a woman’s beauty is not in her appearance, but in her style, in her soul, and in her substance. That she can communicate and laugh and love are far more attractive features than the superficial once over that is a picture. Sure, a picture can say a thousand words, but I find that the woman herself, her true self, can say so much more. So I find every woman on the SDPP attractive in her own unique way. Her words, her being, they are the true essence of her attractiveness.

With those qualifications, I find that there are just too many Dopers to list.

I thought Greg was really sexy.
Anyway, Reservoir Dog is a cutie. As is Niggle, even though I don’t recognize that name.
And Sue Duhnym is very pretty.

I was thinking Joyce Carol Oates without the frizzy hair.

At the risk of appearing shallow… here is my list (in alphabetical order)

Men: Coldfire, Crunchy Frog, dewt and smug. When someone posts something of interest to me, I look up their picture… :slight_smile:

Women: Anthracite. I have no idea what she looks like, but from her stories, her opinions, her intelligence and her wit I think she is beautiful.

Well, I’m married so I don’t look at other women anymore. :slight_smile: If I did, there would be more than a few mentionables.

One thing though, Esprix is a damn hottie! Got me seriously thinking being gay wouldn’t be so bad. :wink:

Hey silly thanks! :slight_smile:

Y’aren’t so bad yerself!

And I fully agree with you regarding Anthracite! (I bet you that even with no pic posted she will have this sentiment echoed many times)

It certainly is gratifying to see that people on these boards are more relaxed about standards of physical attractiveness. You can be overweight, or not conventionally model-beautiful, and still be physically attractive.
Good for y’all!

tclouie, I think that since the people who post on this board are generally of above-average intelligence, their standards of beauty for the most part are less shallow than most people’s.

For myself, while I won’t pretend not to enjoy the compliments I get on my picture, I also realize that physical attractiveness is really nothing more than an accident of genetics and has no bearing on my worth. I will still, of course, gratefully accept any further compliments thrown my way :wink: I just try not to let it go to my head.