The Unofficial Straight Dope Members Picture Pages

As soon as I get a pic of me not drunk and holding cake, I will send it to you. Yes, I’m vain, what of it?

There are some really hot dopers on there, aren’t there? And I’m right under one of them! ;D

Feel free to grab any picture from my web page.

In case anybody is wondering-- since there are two people on my picture.

I’m the dude on the left. The lovely lady on your right is my g/f who sometimes posts here as Soccerduck.

I’m under a Hottie too. :smiley:

What a coincidence! I’m on top of a hottie! What a wonderful world we’ve created :slight_smile:

Wow, Auntie Em, you’re hot! You have the absolute cutest smile!

Fionn, you have it going on too!

Hillbilly Queen, that top if very sexy.

And Jinwicked, I love the hat!


Yes, YOU with the face! Be prepared to gasp in awe and wonder!

SEE the bunny with TWO sets of bunny ears!

SEE the world’s luckiest guitar neck!

SEE the handsomest man-feet on the beach!

SEE all new gorgeous ladies and manly men!

That’s right, TUSDMBMPP page 4 is now open to the public!

Now with more nipples than ever before!!! (that oughta bring ‘em runnin’)

It looks good Max.

I’ve just added 2 more to my secret crush list.

So many Hot Dopers!:wink:

This picture is a couple years old, but I am terribly unphotogenic, and I don’t have a reasonably good, newer pic. I still look pretty much the same.

excellent work!

I’ll get you my pic as soon as a certain ex-roommate of yours fixes my motherboard. I don’t think God wants me to have a computer…

Don’t forget about me :smiley:

hopes to make it on page 5 :slight_smile:

guy nipples MY FAVORITE!

Max here’s a better pic of me… I forgot that one hardly shows my face ( which may or may NOT be an issue:D )
Da Cat cuts loose

Been snooping around the boards now for a while and finally started posting so you may aswell see a picture of me (damn wish I could play the drums properly)



Max, I emailed mine to you. Let me know if you’ve any problems.

And don’t think that I’m not a little jealous about that too! :wink:

My crush list is now up to 18 and counting…

Hey nice job Max. Thanks for adding me in. I was actually shamed into adding a few more pictures of myself to my page, in a weak attempt to keep up with some of the other Dopers! (All hail Opal, the queen of the picture! - Nasty bruise, BTW!).

Nice work Max.

G-d, I really don’t like that picture of me… oh well, what else is new?


Here’s one of me and the littlest Delta: