The Great Dollar Bill debate

I’ve been thinking about this. Assuming we decided to kick somebody of their bill, who should it be? And if we do, who would replace him?

For me, I’d definatly nominate Jackson. Simply Put: Indian Removal Act and The Trail of Tears. The closet thing approaching US government sponsered Genocide in our history, and defing the SCOTUS as well.

Grant is also in the running, but his problem seemed to be more political incompetence then anything else.

However, the problem of who to replace them with then becomes the big problem. Nominate Reagen, a favorite of the Right, and the Left will throw a fit. Same thing by the Right if Roosevelt is nominated. So who could you pick as both a Great American President or Statesmen who would have a reasonable chance of replacing whoever was kicked off?

Assuming you mean Franklin Roosevelt, he is already on the dime, and he really ought to be on something: he is unquestionably one of the most significant figures in American history. But I think it would be kind of neat to see Teddy Roosevelt’s face on a bill.

And how about John Adams? Of all the Founding Fathers, he seems to get short shrift; if Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, and Franklin get to be on money, why can’t he? And Madison too, for that matter.

Part of me thinks Martin Luther King Jr. might be good, but to the other part of me this feels totally wrong, because King never served this country in an official capacity, i.e. he was never part of the government, and money is an official, governmentally-created sort of thing. The same argument would hold against people of cultural significance. (Otherwise, Mark Twain maybe? For God’s sake, please, no Elvis!)

Dang it, I’m getting too frivolous here! This is supposed to be a Great Debate, and I’m treating it like an IMHO. Oh well.
Putting Reagan on something wouldn’t be any worse than putting Kennedy on the half dollar.

I think Dr. King would make a great choice. There is no rule that the person represented on US money has to have been a president, and we’ve probably used up all our good presidents already. Merit often has little to do with how high up the political ladder you’ve climbed, as anyone who’s been awake recently knows.

Dump Jackson and replace him with MLK. MLK is far, far, far more deserving than Reagan and it’s high time we had a person of color on our currency.

As to MLK’s not being president- well, neither was Benjamin Franklin and he’s on the hundred.

Last time I checked, neither was Hamilton, so I don’t think that rule exists. :-p

I don’t think such a rule ever existed. When there were still denominations larger than $100, Salmon P. Chase was on the $10,000 bill.

Yeah, Sorry about that.

Well, MLK was instrustmental in the Civil rights movement, while Mark Twain, while a funny guy and interesting author, never reached that level of importance on the national scene. I think there’s a difference between being a celebrity and actually being an important part of American history/politics. MLK is arguably important in that manner, while Elvis and Mark Twain are not.

I can see why one might prefer to decorate bills with the visages of people who have officially served their country. However, I don’t think that should be a rule that’s written in stone. And I think that what Martin Luther King Jr. did for his country, “official” or not, is certainly worth commemorating on US money.

I say, toss Jackson and put MLK Jr. in his place.

I say ditch presidents altogether and put Star Trek characters on the bill. Kirk on the $1, Bones on the $2, Spock on the $5, Sulu on the $10, Scotty on the $20, Uhura on the $50 and Checkov on the $100.

Okay, dumb idea. But they’re still all more deserving the U.S. Grant!

Well, in that case, what about Groucho on the $1, Chico on the $5, Harpo on the $10 and possibly Zeppo on the $20?

We have an official, government sanctioned holiday honoring MLK. So how would it be a huge leap to put him on our currency?

Honestly I think it’s about time to get rid of Washington and put the new GW on the $1 bill.

Then we can give Lincoln’s big goofy ass the boot and put Mel Gibson on the $5.

Sam Brownback on the $10

Limbaugh on the $50

Fallwell on the $100

Bump Jackson and put Washington on the $20. Then we could quit printing the $1 bill, mint more $1 coins, and the government can save some money.

How about naked ladies. That would be cool…

As a matter of fact I think some European countries used to do this back in the day. They were angelic type nudes of course.

RE the propriety of putting a non-gov’t person on currency…

Sacagawea & Susan B. Anthony

I agree. MLK on the $20.

Wasn’t Madison on the $1000 bill?

The site I previously cited stated that Grover Cleveland was on the $1000 bill. Madison was on the $5000.

Surely they’re all green on the notes?And what on earth is a person of color…do you mean a colored person?

… and two hard boiled eggs on the $50?