The Great Father's Day Adirondack Chair Debacle


I actually did! He didn’t get it, obviously. I was laying out there in the yard, laughing my ass off, while Trixie dog was trying to lick my face!

No problem. But I forgot to specify units of currency: It’s POUNDS of Gold.

Well, my check was gonna bounce anyway.

Doin’ a Chilada in respect!

All the dogs are still with me, but no evening sunset relax. Downright chilly for this time of year! Instead of sittin’ outside, tunes blazing, I’m inside, 'round the woodstove. Tunes blazing!

HFD to all the Daddy-o’s on the Dope!

I thought about this thread because I still haven’t burnt/trashed the chair. I sits there, broken, a testament to my lazy ass. I’d burn it, but it is full of screws and nails. I just can’t see throwing it in the trash. :frowning:

On Sunday my gf picked up replacement plastic Adirondack chairs. The old, molding, screw filled wooden chairs needed delt with. I used our small chainsaw to cut away all the screw-less wood which went to the burn barrel. The remaining metal filled pieces I’ll take to work and dumpster.

Clearly you need an upgrade for your Adirondack chairs. I mean, those plastic ones are nice and everthing, but you need one suitable for a pack.



My wife dragged home two plastic A chairs from a thrift store Monday night. Faded to an almost perfect USC Cardinal.

366 days worth the wait! Got one by the shop door and one on the patio, by the fire.



Aaaaaaaaaand, one of them already blew away. :sad:

:smiley: I found it over in corner of the fence. Just a little dirty. No harm.

Yea, those plastic ones tend to blow away. I hope you’re not sitting in one and it takes off. The pups will miss you.
I know what you’re talking about with 4 animals in your lap. The cats always come first and Velcro their ass to me. Next the pups. The Yorkie can get up here but the rub comes trying to get the whining, obese beagle up here. It’s a test of physics for me to reach her and lift her big ass up without spillage of the rest of the group. I bought this big double sized arm chair just for me and my pets. Isn’t that sad? Yea, it’s sad.

The green chair didn’t even make it a year. :frowning: Still got the red one.

Still haven’t burned/disposed of the original wood one. I keep telling myself I’m going to ‘reverse engineer’ it, and build a new one based on it. I really did like that chair. Some day. I’m gonna use old skis for the back.

Happy Father’s Day, guys!

When this thread first appeared I said I was looking for a doxie to replace Nathan. Not long after, 7/8/2017, I got Mauser, from the Brown County Humane Society, in Hiawatha Kansas. is wonderful.

Mauser sends your crew his greetings.

Glad to hear about Mauser! Who’s a good boy?

The crew are all fine, by the way. Doxie’s recovery is nothing short of phenomenal. Took him to the mountain house, full of stairs, (Tahoe is it’s name) and he was running up and down them! :eek:

Congrats on the new doxie. I know how much you loved Nathan. Sounds like Mauser is the bomb! Or at least a pistol. :wink:

I bought my Adirondack chair from L. L. Bean. It cost a small fortune, and had to be assembled, but I’ve had it for probably 15 years and leave it out year-round; I do cover it with a tarp in winter and varnish it every spring. That thing will probably outlive me.

I still have the same sad existence. I’m sitting in exactly the same place with same 4 animals jockeying for the same spots on my lap. Oh, wait…one thing is different.:wink:

I find it next to impossible to get back up out of Adirondack chairs even when they’re not broken. (Maybe they’re made for taller people?) So usually I avoid getting into them in the first place.

We’re currently watching Murdoch Mysteries. Set in c1900 Toronto. Where “doxie” is slang for prostitute.

What are you people up to in these chairs??? No wonder they break!

(For the record, I find Adirondack’s incredibly uncomfortable and difficult to get in and out of. The only good Adirondack is a broken Adirondack.)

Happy Father’s Da Gato! Skritches to the gang!

The picture I saw on Petfinder, from the shelter, had him on his back with his feet in the air. like he was begging *rub my belly.

I wish all the dachshund owners on this board could get together for a Dopefest.

Go look at the new Ted video I posted. I think you’ll like it. :wink:

The dogs would not allow it.