The Great Gas-Out is back, with a twist

Now the emails say to just boycott ExxonMobil. Of course, Snopes has already debunked it.

Can we add Enmark to the list? I got nothing against their gas but the bathroom at my local station is always outta paper towels. I think they deserve punishment.

Here’s your chance to be an activist! Forward this message to everyone you know so we can get the word out!

The price of Vaseline has been slowly rising over the past few years. The Vaseline cartels have actually SLOWED DOWN production to raise the prices.

Now it’s our turn to STICK IT TO THE MAN! Let’s have a Vas-Out! On April 30th, don’t buy ANY Vaseline! Be sure to stock up on Vaseline on the dates before and after, but NOT on APRIL 30th!

Remember, pass this on to everyone you know so we can send a clear message to the caviar cartels that Americans will not stand by and watch Vaseline prices continue to skyrocket!