The Great Northwest Dopefest!

Yeah! Yeah! Have it in Olympia! I’ll come for sure if I’m not walkin’ dogs that day!

Would people rather go to the Olympic Club than have a potluck outside?

Um, I’ve never even BEEN to the Olympic Club.

I think a potluck would be nice, but as I’m sure you know, June can be iffy for the weather around here.

However, I’m open to whatever is decided.

I’m moving to Oregon in May to take care of **Gr8kat ** and it’d be great to be able to have a 'fest so soon after getting there. I am sure you can include her, Joel, and me in on the festivities/

But the important thing is, ahem will there be Scotch eggs this time?

I thought I might be able to bring some this time myself, but my source is no longer, shall we say, available.

Agh, I didn’t mean to kill the thread! :o

Don’t worry, Gr8Kat, you didn’t kill it: we big-city Northwesterners take after the Scandinavians who were a big part of the settler movement. We were just nodding and considering, Lake Wobegon style.

Re the event: I can probably do this if it’s in the second half of June. First half is taken up with the Seattle film festival, so I’d be completely unavailable the first two weeks of the month. And I’m sure everyone will want to adjust for my availability. :stuck_out_tongue:

Re my wife, we talked about it and aren’t sure if she can plan to attend. She’s wrapping up her doctorate and may be swamped with work at that time. We’ll see how it goes.

Sorry to be so wishy-washy about this, but all I can give is a maybe. I’d love to, but I can’t be sure. I’ll definitely be watching this thread, in hopes that I’ll be able to go.

So, what’s the scoop on this? Is there a date and location set?

…or even still planned?

It doesn’t bode well for the event that the thread for its planning has died repeatedly.

Nonsense. This thread wasn’t dead, it was merely resting.

Its first incarnation was to see if there was any interest.

The second incarnation was to firm up an approximate date.

In this incarnation, details as to where and when will be hammered out, and those who cannot make it on that date will be consoled and assured that another DopeFest will be planned soon and we’ll make sure that they don’t miss it. Also, various requests and offers of carpools, train buddies and at least one plea for floor space will be exchanged. I will post my usual disparaging comments about scotch eggs.
The final incarnation, roughly three to five days prior to the event itself, will include all the last minute “drat, I can’t make it, my boss is a pig” posts, a few “woohoo, I just saw this and I’ll be there” posts and (possibly) a last minute change of venue.

Such is the life-cycle of the DopeFest planning thread.

Well, okay, permit me to start naming off available dates.

First weekend in June is out for me (goin’ to the baseball game, and my roommate’s ma is in town).
2nd, 3rd and 4th weekends in June are OK.

First weekend in July is out; that’s the weekend of the 4th and I assume nobody is going to want to meet up then anyhow.

If we intend to meet in Olympia, then I live there and could easily get around to picking some likely spots to hook up. If we’re still fixin’ to meet in Centralia or Chehalis then I’m open to suggestions.

Batter up! Who’s next?

Ooh! Ooh! I wanna go!

Oh, wait. I already said that.

Just about any weekend this summer is good for me, except July 4 weekend.

I live in Everett, and am willing to carpool.

Is this going to be a kid-friendly event?

Okay, well, allow me to be the one to suggest the weekend of the 26th then. It gives us all a exactly a month to prepare. Being new to the area, I have no opinion on the location of the place though.

Kid-friendly… meaning what? I don’t drink and I don’t plan on getting naked in public. That kid-friendly enough? :slight_smile:

If we go to The Olympic Club in Centralia, it is a kid friendly place (meaning that, although they do serve beer and wine, they also allow and even expect families). Menu is standard McMennamin’s, burgers, sandwiches, a soup or two, a few salads and maybe a pasta dish or two (pbj sandwiches and grilled cheese for the kids, but they let grown-ups order them, too.) I’ve never considered McMennamin’s to be one of the best brewers around, but I love the french fries. It’s in Centralia’s “downtown” area, away for the outlet mall. Typical turn-of-the-century town, somewhat revitilized. I remember a good antiques mall, and a local cop didn’t give me a parking ticket when he could have.

Obviously, if we decide to chance the weather and do a picnic style event, kids will be welcome. If we do this, I’d suggest Millersylvannia State Park. It’s 10 miles south of Olympia, has several covered kitchen/picnic areas and is (or was three years ago) a beautiful park. Here’s a link:

I don’t remember Olympia having a good family-style brew pub (I did most of my drinking at Anthony’s, a seafood resturant with wonderful bartenders). There’s an oyster house–why can’t I remember the name?–in Olympia with good food, not too expensive, but it is popular. If we came in after the usual lunch rush and cleared out before the dinner rush, it could work. It also has both indoor and outdoor seating. It may actually be called The Oyster House now that I think about it. They also had cute bartenders. This would be my suggestion if we decide on Olympia, but I would suggest someone call and make sure they are willing to have us first.

June 26th works fine for me.

I was just wondering if other Dopers would mind if I brought my kids.

It’s fine with me either way. As much as I love them, my children aren’t always welcome at social gatherings. Just don’t want to make other Dopers uncomfortable and all.

I’d like to go. The first weekend is a maybr for me and later in the month the inlaws are here so put me down as a maybe.

For what it’s worth, I’d have no problem with your children being in attendance, Denis. I obviously don’t speak for the entire group though.

Bummer. I’ll have to catch the next one. I’ve got other commitments on the weekend of the 26th that I need to be there for.