The Great Northwest Dopefest!

Proposal: A combination Seattle-Portland Dopefest.
Time: Sometime in June.
The Place: Halfway between the two metropoli, in Centralia.
The Format: Either in a resturant like The Country Cousin, or a potluck in one of the parks.
The Result: Fun and merriment for all, blackmail pictures, etc.

Anybody interested? :slight_smile:

I would be interested. I’ve been a member for just under a year and sure would like to connect some faces to the names here on the board.

Weekends would definitely work better for me. Do you have a month picked out?

I look forward to seeing some responses.

I came in here to make a joke about ity only costing $4.95 to attend, but then I thought Czarcasm might have an stroke”, so I didn’t.
Anyway, we’ll be there, probably. But don’t let that stop you.

That’s only if you sign in before 10am-after that, it’s gonna cost ya $14.95. :smiley:


train to centralia and back … good reason for a trip…

could be worth that $4.95…

I’m going to be up sorta kinda near Portland in the middle of May… could we maybe do it then? I’d really really like to meet some Dopers.

I want to go!

Meeting Dopers IRL, yay! :smiley:

Maybe, just maybe.

I’m about 50 miles out of Boise and my car (a 1994 Honda Accord) has over 160,000 miles on it, and I’ve got at least one other big road trip scheduled this year. I don’t want to shell out for a plane/train ticket and a hotel (can always sleep at a rest area in the car). I’d have to take leave.

So I’m a solid “maybe”.


But there’s no there, there.

Lawoot, I was thinking of the same thing. Might be fun if a bunch of us can do that. :cool:

I’m not sure I can make it yet though. It sucks being broke all the time. But maybe by the time Czarcasm gets the details worked out something will turn up.

Let’s hear it for Dopetralia! There will be there there because we’ll be there there. (Maybe.)

You call several dozen outlet stores nothing? :smiley:

Isn’t there a McMennamin’s in Centralia? Located in an old saloon?

If there is any sort of Seattle area car-pool/train ride group, I might consider it. Just as long as it’s not the weekend I take 100 kids camping on the Olympic Peninsula!

Here is a list of parks in Centralia that we could go to.

A small bump to see if anyone is interested, and to ask if June is o.k. with everyone.

What he said

Oh hell yeah. That’s about 30 minutes south of me. How could I not?*

Sure, I’m in. Woohoo!

*Apart from not going.

As usual I’m a day late and several dollars short!

I’ll be acroos the river from you in Vancouver July 1rst through th 9th.

We always come up over the 4th to take advantage of the better fireworks laws. :smiley:

This time I’d leave the kid behind and bring the hubby… he at least won’t scared everyone to death by leaping down the stairs… maybe…

I missed this the first time around.

Yes, I could make it. And yes, leafrog, there is a McMennamin’s in Centralia, it is The Olympic Club and it has a certain charm. And great fries, of course.

Any Salem area folks interested in a carpool or maybe a train ride?

The problem with a park in June in Centralia is that it will rain. Because it’s June, in Centralia, and it won’t be summer yet.

But June is fine. And though it is farther away for the Portland half, Olympia would be better (at least there’s somewhat of a there, there, and there’s definitely an inside there.)

I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it – work keeps me extremely busy in the summertime – but I’m definitely interested. (Although Olympia sounds better to me than Centralia!)

Keep us posted…