The Great Ongoing Guitar Thread

Yeah, I tried the same thing. Sadly “H.E.R” is treated as “her” in search engines, and her real name brings up nothing relevant.

Let me clarify, there wasn’t really any dirt other than tube OD there. The EHX English Muff’n isn’t really a Muff circuit by any means. It’s basically intended as a Marshall JTM45 preamp pedal in a box, only it’s got a 12AY7 in the first socket, so it’s really more of a Bassman preamp in a box*. Not really a lot of drive in it, but I’ve thought about switching out the first tube more than once. The SF300 was in “boost” mode, where it’s basically a clean/treble boost with (I think) an active 2 band eq which was set flat, not in its Boss FZ-2 Super-Fuzz clone mode.

Since I use the English Muff’n as a (really noisy) preamp to drive a cab simulator at home, it’s output is always maxed, I can control the level through the cab sim and the board. I dialed the output on the SF300 back to about 6 and the input on the Muff’n to about 8 to get something close to that solo tone. I’d been running the same setup earlier today trying something heavier with them both maxed. That’s a different tone, by a bit.

If you don’t have an effects loop (I don’t in that setup, and usually don’t use them), put the boost pedal last, and the delay just before it. An adequate digital delay works well here, because at least it doesn’t contribute to the noise. I used a Boss DD3, and it works great with the right settings.

*I’m not really sure if Marshall copied a Tweed/Brownface/Blackface/Silverface bassman, but with a 12AY7, but this pedal does not add a ton of gain, it’s really for sweetness and a Marshall-ish preamp. I have no idea why EHX marketed it under the “Muff” name.

ETA: Hahah, yeah, search engines aren’t really friendly to that name.

Gotcha. So the EHX is basically the “amp” that we’re making suffer via the Behringer SF300 being at 11. Yup, make sense and same theory applies. Thanks!

Should have just called it a Beano and raked bux. :slight_smile:

OK, I find this slightly amusing: GFS/guitarfetish has headstock decals for parts projects.

Poser Fauxcaster, Stooge Boguscaster, Bespoke Customcaster, etc.

Just walked into a guitar shop for the first time in awhile and saw the Fender acoustatonics for the first time. Kinda liked it, but what do y’all think?

There’s a bunch of pretty positive reviews (though they’re mostly gee wiz new axe! takes), this guy had a pretty balanced review, and he’s pretty funny if you look up his other youtube vids.

I thought his vid about testing weirdo guitar pedals was a hoot, watch to the end. Also playing guitar with a pen.

Well, I played it for a bit, and it was comfortable and had a nice action, I liked the sound well enough, but it was too noisy in the store to really assess that, and of course the gee whiz something new clouds my judgement. I was hoping to hear from someone who’s lived with it for awhile.

Well, my wife let me open my birthday present early this year. Partly because she was wondering if I’d like it. It wasn’t what I thought she was going to get me. Really, it’s sooooo much better than I thought it would be, which I should have expected. She gives the best gifts.

I’ve wanted an S-200 T-Bird ever since I was a kid and a friend’s dad had one. We referred to it as the “Gumby” guitar. It always played/sounded great when we were allowed to play it. That one had single coils, though. The modern reissues I’d seen all had humbuckers, so I hadn’t taken the plunge. Plus, I’d assumed it would have to be in sunburst, black or cherry, since that’s what Guild was offering them in last time I looked. She found one that comes with Guild’s version of the P90, and in gorgeous pelham blue to boot. I’d forgotten how well this shape fits me when I’m sitting down.

Hehehe, I thought on this for a bit, because the naming of that pedal has kind of always puzzled me. So, I asked myself “Ok, WTF would you name it, then?” There’s already a couple of Beano pedals out on the market. They’re not tube, but ya know. “Woman” pedal? Nah, sexist overtones. “Hideaway” preamp? Nah, too on the nose.

And I don’t like any of my ideas for pedal names, but:
EHX’s Hot Tubes pedal usually doesn’t have any tubes in it, but they put out one with tubes that is in the same enclosure as the Muff’n. They also make a LPB with tubes (the original was SS) in the same enclosure as well. I’m sure there’s differences in circuits between the three tube preamps, but I’m not sure what they are. Considering the hot mess that is EHX’s pedal naming, at least they didn’t just re-use an old name and act like you’re small minded for thinking a name could only refer to one pedal. So, I retract my objection, and English Muff’n is fine.

My favorite pedal name this week:

DAMN! Can we trade spouses? My wife thinks I have too many guitars and I only have 3 electrics, one acoustic, and one bass. Lucky!

Heheehe, mine rules, so nope! Thanks for the offer, though!

We both kind of allow each other to indulge in the things we love, but there are trade offs. She mostly tolerates that I don’t even know how many guitars/basses/amps I have (haven’t counted in several years, and she does sometimes grumble that I leave them out everywhere), and in return I move her 700Lb combination etching/litho printing press every time we move. We’re actually kind of on the market for a new house that will provide us both with larger, more useful studio spaces.

Sweet guitar, and you married a sweetheart at gift giving. How’s the Guild? I’ve never played one, and I’d love a decent guitar with P90s, please give a report when you’ve got it broken in.


That’s pretty boss.

Indeed, she is a sweetheart, and I love the Guild so far. I have 7 different guitars loaded with different versions of P90s* now. That she even knows what a P90 is and that I like them makes her beyond just indulgent and some sort of angel.

It actually plays better than my SGs, which is what it plays closest to. Only, since the funky body and the strap button placement don’t give it the balance of a SG, it doesn’t neck dive. The shape of the body is also pretty great for sitting down, and the upper bout being cut in is comfy as hell. The fit+finish are pretty great, and the fret dress and feel of the binding are perfect. The fretboard and inlays feel great too, with wide enough string spacing that I get to keep being lazy and not cut my nails this week. Yeah, it’s a poly finish, but it’s a nice, blemish free one. I don’t have a problem with poly finishes feeling grabby, so I can’t comment on that part.

The sound is great. It seems like the neck pickup is a little higher output than the bridge, but they blend well on the center setting. Damn nice set of P90s. It does seem a little sensitive to temperature changes and tuning, but every SG I’ve ever had behaved the same way.

There’s a couple of funky things. The placement of the string posts do make the D and G strings pass really close to the A and B string posts. They don’t rub, but if you crossed the A string over itself on it’s post and had a double width of string, the D probably would rub. Open back tuners on a guitar at this price point seems like an odd choice, too. I guess it’s accurate for a reissue, though.

A friend immediately commented “Sweet! Needs a Bigsby!” I kind of have to agree. I went ahead and ordered one and a Vibramate so if the B5 fits with the funky S-200 pickguard, I can mount it without drilling.

*Full run down: Gibson Marauder loaded with Fralin P90s w/metal covers (my first electric, modified by someone who owned it for awhile), a SG with Lollar Single Coils for Humbuckers, 67 SG Jr with the original dog ear, a dog ear supposedly from a 58 LP Jr put in the neck of a Korean LP Special copy, and an Epiphone LP Special that came loaded with P90s, a SX Tele copy with a pretty ugly sounding P90 in the neck, and now the Guild S-200.

I hesitate to post/pimp this, but what the hell.

I’ve never claimed to be an amazing guitar player, in fact, until the last four or five years or so (I’ve been playing for thirty years) I really sucked. Playing with other people really helped - practice makes perfect - but I played with the wrong people for too long and I was relegated to “contributing artist” - not a full band-member - and I was expected to stand in the corner and play the chords right. When I joined my current band (currently on Covid hiatus) I blossomed a little bit. These guys are much more open and welcoming; I was encouraged to bring my own ideas in, perform some solos, write songs … which I did.

My biggest break-through was in learning my scales. Couple it with better pick technique and marginally better tempo and I’ve come a long way. I couldn’t string three notes together off the top of my head before I got myself a looper and discovered A Minor Pentatonic on my own. Then, all hail YouTube, I dialed up some jam tracks (my favorite is Elevated Jam Tracks) which feature chord progressions - pretty much full songs with no vocals or solos - as well as a scale chart for the key of the song. Long story short, I’ve got all my scales wired pretty tight - in all keys, minor and major, all forms up and down the neck, as well as understanding modes. My ability to improvise is not too bad, I’d say. Sometimes I amaze myself; sometimes I wonder why I pretend I know what I’m doing, but I’m having a lot of fun with my playing lately.

On my YouTube channel (which is like seven videos of my dog, and this) I posted a practice session to one of the YouTube backing tracks, though it’s not an original jam track - it’s just Do You Feel Like We Do chords (if I’m not mistaken, this is in D minor, aeolian mode).
Please note is just filmed with my laptop camera so the sound is horrible, let’s face it, but I was just trying to document what I do when I’m having fun.

Be kind.

First things first: I listened to this when you posted it, and it actually is pretty damn good. But then I got sidetracked and never commented (plus, I’m the personification of an idiot). You pull off a much better Frampton than I could, for sure! :+1:

Ok, so, because of sins like that, I don’t deserve what I got for Christmas.

I’ve wanted a Wiggler since they were introduced more than a decade ago. Now that they’re discontinued, I am miraculously given one as a gift. Other than being a little bit noisy and having an obvious lighting trick to make it look like the tubes are working hard that my other EHX tube pedal, the English Muff’n doesn’t have, it really is all it’s cracked up to be. Lush vibrato, nice tremolos. The manual incorrectly says the mode knob doesn’t affect the pedal’s operation in tremolo mode. Who am I going to believe? You or my lying ears? That knob absolutely affects the tone in tremolo mode, if nothing else. It might even just be feeding different EQs to the vibrato circuit in vibrato mode, but even if it is, it’s luscious.

The Fuzz War is another I’ve wanted for a bit. I loved how my singers’ pedal sounded, and I bitched and whined mightily and without end when he sold it off without telling me he was gonna do it. He’s actually relieved he doesn’t have to hear about it any more. The three knob config might make you think it’s just another Big Muff clone, but after owning one for a few hours, I doubt it is even related. If it is, it’s still a very different beast. The tone knob is a hell of a lot more useful, for starters. But the eye opener was figuring out that unity gain on this pedal is around 1.5-2 on a knob with no numbers. Anything else is beginning to drive your preamp, potentially really hard. That’s the opposite of most fuzz pedals I’ve dealt with. You usually have to fight disappearing when you step on them. It’s everything I remember, but you probably want to be careful with that knob in a live setting, it’s a pretty heavy fuzz even with that knob set at unity.

I wasn’t even aware that the pedal books existed before I unwrapped them. I’ve read a bit and browsed the book about 333 rare/odd pedals. The first chapter covers Death By Audio’s Oliver Ackermann (who makes the Fuzz War) and several prototypes of both pedals that made it into production and didn’t. So, I’m basically sold on it already.

Thanks. I wish I’d learned my scales 30 years ago. I feel self conscious about it still - tempo is not great, my alt picking fucks up from time to time; I’ve been trying to learn and implement more licks. But mostly I want to clarify that I wasn’t trying to recreate the Do You Feel solo - I don’t think I could if I tried - I was just improving.

… Also for the record, since we’re talking pedals and shit (incidentally, I’m not much of a hardware guy - I’ve got the basics).

Just fucking around in my living room and playing with the band is just a difference of amp. Here I use my little 50watt Marshall (solid state). I’ve got a couple of Fender Front Man 100’s for the big boy volume. My pedals are a Boss SD-1 Super Over Drive, a TC Electronic Forcefield compressor, a Cry Baby GCB-95 wah pedal (that isn’t hooked up right now because I don’t have an adapter for it and the batter is dead), and a foot switch for the practice amp for clean/dirty. The guitar is my same ol’ First Ace Delia- semi-hollow body, double humbucker.


Damn it. The battery is dead for the wah pedal, not the batter; the guitar is a First Act Delia, not a First Ace; and in the previous post I was improvising, not improving. Grammarians and pedants thank you.

Playing with a bad back.

I thought about making my own thread, but decided this will work just as well. The regulars here are the ones I really need to talk to anyway.

I bought a guitar several years back. I play WITH it, I can’t really say I can play it. While I enjoy it, I’ve had a LOT of health issues that have cropped up, and so I’ll take 3 months, 6 months, 18 months off - but I keep coming back.

In 2018, I broke 4 vertebrae. I’ve had other health issues along the way as well. After a couple of operations and a lot of healing, I’m about as good as I’m gonna get. Since I have a lot of free time, I thought I’d start practicing again. I could play for hours ever day, and I enjoy it enough that I might - but I find it painful. I played for about a half-hour, two days in a row, and my back was so messed up I hardly did anything the third day.

MAYBE, with time, it will get better. I’ll get used to playing and my back won’t hurt as much. I already play sitting down, but I’m having trouble finding a comfortable position to even hold the guitar. I’m using the strap, as it helps me keep the guitar from sliding everywhere.

I’m wondering if I wouldn’t do better with a lighter guitar. My strat clone weighs 9 pounds. I went looking at travel guitars. Many of them have really odd configurations to go along with their 3-4 lb weight and odd shape - funky bridges, no heads, etc. They look to be a pain to tune, restring, etc. I found a strat clone line with dual humbuckers that supposedly runs 5.1 lbs. I’m giving it some thought. I wrote them. If that’s an accurate weight, it might help a lot, and I won’t have to deal with a weird shape/config like on the travel guitars I saw.

Anyone here have a bad back? How does it affect your playing/practice? Any thoughts, hints, tips, suggestions?

Can you characterize your bad back? From your description it sounds like your thoracic back, yes? I mean, what hurts when you do what?

I’ve gone through period when it hurt a lot to bend/turn my neck, which is tough for guitar, but it wasn’t a permanent injury. Just what limitation are you facing?