The great Prague apartment hunt

In a few weeks I’ll be moving to Prague. My friend and I are looking for a place in Zizkov or Vinohrady in a flatshare or a two-bedroom flat.

Does anyone know of any good English language resources for this kind of thing? Neither of us speaks any Czech. I’ve looked at and there are listings there but there isn’t much, so I thought I’d ask the Dope for inspiration! (Our budget is in the neighbourhood of 8,000Kc each.)

I’ve never lived there myself, but I have a friend who moved there for a couple of years - she’s now in London, but if you don’t get any responses to this thread, PM me and I can check with her. She loved it by the way. I went to visit her at Christmas, and it’s just beautiful, hope you have fun!

Thanks for that – I’m already getting in touch with a couple of friends of friends. I’ll be working in Mala Strana until about August and I’m really looking forward to it. Mostly I’m looking forward to finishing the big move! :wink: Gotta pack up out of my apartment by next Saturday, then I’m off to Banff for a week, then back to Montreal until the 13th. Somewhere in there I need to find time to do a tonne of work and get through my 10 Pimsleur Czech lessons!

Four short weeks of stress, then I can have a beer or several hundred :cool:

Happy House Rentals.

I live in Prague part time. I’d rent you my place as I am leaving for 6 months, but it is not within your budget. Heading off to wander in the desert in November.

Any particular reason why Žižkov and Vinohrady? They’re both both a pretty good distance from Mala Strana.

Agreed. If you stay near Namesti Miru, the green metro line and trams 22 and 23 will get you to Mala Strana, but it is a bit of a distance. Why not look in Mala Strana or more northerly parts of Smichov? (note that Žižkov and Vinohrady are generally nicer than Smichov).

I lived in Prague for a time and after looking through the website and the few others that were available in English, I eventually broke down and hired an agent to show apartments to my roommate and I. This practice seems to be more common there than in North America.
I honestly can’t remember how much he cost but at the time I felt it was worth the price. There are likely a lot more listings out there that are in Czech or landlords who only speak Czech and so these places are essentially passing you by. The guy I hired was super efficient - he did his homework, drove us all over town to look at places, negotiated and translated for us, and even translated the lease on the place we picked before I signed it.
I also agree about the distance from either Zizkov or Vinohrady, but I know it is expensive to live closer to the center. Hell, I ended up living in Sporilov because we were so broke, but hey, I learned more Czech out there!

I was actually offered a place in Jinonice but it didn’t sound like the most interesting way to spend my year – maybe the best for my work though.

Why Zizkov or Vinohrady? The distance doesn’t really bother me and besides my roommate will be working in Prague 4 for a while and who knows where afterwards. I may be teaching somewhere else as well (hopefully not at the agricultural university campus!) I’ve talked to several people of like interests who say that these areas are a great place to be.

Desert Nomad, thanks for the Happy House Rentals link!

Žižkov and Vinohrady are nice, just want to make sure you’re aware of the distance being a factor. When I was there and went to visit my friend who lived on the other side of the river in Žižkov it was pretty much a stay all day thing, kind of what I imagine it’s like visiting Manhattan when you live in Brooklyn. I worked in the Mala Strana and lived in Řepy in Prague 6 about a 40 minute tram ride away. I’m not trying to talk you out of anything, mind you, just letting you know.

How you’re getting to and from work should be a consideration wherever you’re living. If you live near a Metro station and your job is near a Metro station on that same line, or just a short tram ride away, that’s fantastic. If you’re in a situation where don’t live near a tram or Metro and have to walk to one, then take a tram, then get off and get on a different tram, then get off and get on a Metro, then get off and get on yet another tram, then walk a half mile to work, it can be a tedious and time consuming daily ordeal even though your work and job are relatively not all that far as the crow flies.

All that said, you’re going to have the time of your life! Prague is a wonderful place to be. I envy you a little bit. :slight_smile:

The distance shouldn’t be too much of a problem – my work is right at Malostransky Namesti so it’s at worst a few minutes’ walk from the metro. I’m used to a bit of a commute, as where I want to work and where I want to live are seldom particularly close (except in Toronto!)

Excellent, get something close to a “green line” A Metro station and you’re set. I used to work in a bar right on Malostranske Namesti across from the St. Nicholas church and in a little shop on Nerudova street about halfway up between the church and the castle. One of my favorite little spots in the world.

Keep in mind the 23 & 22 trams stop right there, but the Malostranska metro station is further north under the castle. You can walk it in about 10 minutes but it is not on the same square.

I’ve noticed that and forgotten it a couple of times – you really know your Prague! :slight_smile:

So we’ve got two rooms in a three bedroom flat at Perunova and Vinohradska. Great success! Is there anything I absolutely must check out in that area?

Let’s see…Riegrovy Sady is a nice park nearby with an equally nice beer garden.

The monument to Jan Žižka is nearby, right next to the pub named in his honor, U Vystřeleného Oka, “The Shot-Out Eye.”

Kafka is buried nearby in the New Jewish Cemetary, Židovské hřbitovy.

The television tower is close by and has crawling babies on it.

shudder I saw them by chance one night about five years ago. Pretty awesome sculpture, actually.

See if the attic is available here~

You may have a fascinating new roommate.