The Great SDMB Summer 2016 Postcard Exchange!

Northern Piper, melodyharmonius and jayrey have run them in the past, and they’re always fun, but it’s been awhile.

Here’s how it works (as adapted from NP’s previous thread). Our rules, by the numbers, and written with past PE problems in mind:

  1. If you want to get three (3), count 'em, THREE! postcards from witty and intelligent Dopers from around the world, just sign up here, and send me a PM with your real-life name and postal address. (You know, post - you put a stamp on it, put it in a mailbox, and a postal carrier will pick it up and deliver it - I’m sure if you’ve forgotten how to do it, it’ll come back to you before you know it). Cut-off for signing up is noon EST on Tues. May 24. I’ll take all the names and addresses received by PM by that date, and will then send out PMs to each of you with the names and addresses of the three Dopers to whom you’ll send postcards.

  2. Please, don’t sign up unless you intend to do your very best to participate. I’ll try to ensure that everyone gets at least one postcard from someone in another country. (Offer depends on availability of world-wide Dopers signing up. No warranty of world-wide Dopers is offered, express or implied. Terms may vary depending on local laws. Offer void where prohibited. You need not be sane to win. Do not adjust your dial, write if you get work, hang by your thumbs, &c &c &c).

  3. You then purchase three (3!) postcards which you want to share with other Dopers. It’s up to you what themes to select. Local color is always good, especially if you’re sending it to an overseas Doper. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your postcards (museums, historic site gift shops and local visitors bureaus are good sources) or to buy appropriate postage (remembering that domestic and international postage will likely differ). Bear in mind that some Dopers have small children, so nothing X-rated on your postcards, please.

  4. Address your postcards. Write a short, clearly-written message to the Doper, who is going to be just thrilled to hear from you. Be sure to use your SDMB username, so they know who sent it to them. Get the right kind of stamps and put them on the postcards. Put the postcards in your local mail slot, and off they go!

  5. Deadline for posting your postcards is two weeks later, by Tues. June 7. Report here as soon as you’ve posted them (not when you intend to, but after you’ve actually dropped them in the mail, please).

  6. There is no Rule 6.

  7. Gird your loins and wait with saintly patience (this is particularly hard for some Dopers, I remember well from previous threads). Soon enough, postcardy goodness will arrive in your mailbox.

  8. Report back here every time you get a Doper postcard. Huzzah!

  9. If all goes well, there may be another round later in the year. However, Dopers who sign up and then don’t carry through with postcards in this round may find themselves excluded, yea, verily, even exiled to the outer Pit, rather than being allowed to sign up for the next. Decisions on this point are left entirely to my sole, but hopefully not too arbitrary, discretion. So don’t let your fellow Dopers down.

And we’re off…

PM sent.

Great timing! I’m headed out for a 3-week road trip on Saturday–lots of postcard-buying opportunities await!

I’m in! Thank you for organizing this!

Yay! Yay! PM Sent!

I’m in. PM sent.

Ooh, me! PM sent.

In again. PM sent and I already have the postcards.

PM sent.

I want in. PM sent. Now I am off to find some loin girder. Amazon, I guess? I’ll just google it.

AUGGHHG AUUGGH, my eyeballs!

PM sent! I love this!

Try Sears.

And thanks, everybody, so far!

Count me in. :slight_smile:

Excellent. Be sure to get your postcards and stamps now.

Please tell us that you won’t be sending out loin girder postcards. :smiley:

Much more mundane, I assure you.

I am totally in! Sending PM

Bumping. I already have my postcards. :smiley:

I’m in! It was fun the last time.

Bump for the weekend.

C’mon, you know you want to. All the cool kids do it.