The Great Wall - Matt Damon movie - Pretty good!

Consider me shocked, but I finally caught this movie the other day and…it was pretty good. In fact, I really liked it.

I found the opening battle to be really bad. In fact, I was about to write off the whole movie as being pretty much the crap I expected. But the quality of the movie really rose after the first big battle.

Did anyone else see this? I was really surprised. Beautiful movie too. Just gorgeous.

My impression of what I’ve seen (without having seen the movie) is it’s “The 13th Warrior” of 2017.
And God bless Damon for immediatly standing up to the whitewashing/white savior warriors with “Yeah, I’ve completely stolen a historical role in this 11th century sci-fi film”

My impression (without having seen the film) is that Matt Damon’s role is less whitewashing/white savior than the token white guy meant to appeal to Western audiences. The movie has a Chinese director and a mostly Chinese cast.

I think it is a co-production between Universal and a Chinese company. Anyway, Matt Damon is the lead, but he also has a Western co-star and Willem Dafoe also stars.

In the end, the Chinese characters are essential to how they win and save the day.

The costumes, done by Weta Workshop, are incredible.

It’s big and spectacular and pretty dumb.
But also great fun!

I saw it last week and totally LOVED it! Such a beautifully filmed movie. I’ve always been fascinated by the Great Wall, so really loved seeing it this way.

I enjoyed the film, but is there a Chinese cut? The end credits seemed to feature people who only got a few minutes of screen time. Was there another cut (ala Looper) with more lines for the Chinese actors? Nice to see Andy Lau anyway.