The greatest refernce note in the history of english.

So I was bored, and ended up trying to explain to an idiot for reason I am not sure of why Peni as plural for Penis wasn’t really an actual word. I typed “etymology of Penis”{small clue to what follows, text only, if you are at work} into Google and found, on page 2, the best sentence I have ever read, in a scientific manner,at the very bottom of the page, that actually had a reference note .

DUCK FUCKER. The man who has the care of the poultry on board a ſhip of war. [“Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue,” 1796] okay so I unbowdlerized FUCKER, I left the screwy “s” in ship"

And I see that in the 13th Century there was someone named John le Fucker. He must have been some fucker, to have it named after him.

Hey, it’s better than Odo, so smelly they named it after them.