The grocery store clerk tried to card me for soda yesterday

When I went to the grocery store I bought among other things, a six-pack of ginger beer. The cashier asked me if I had ID, and I was confused. I showed him my ID and told him I got it from the soda aisle, and didn’t think it was alcoholic. It wasn’t. He told me that earlier that day, he carded someone buying olive oil, because it looked like a wine bottle.

Well, ya gotta be real careful when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Ask to see his drivers license, because he’s driving his customers crazy.

I got carded once buying a six-pack of root beer.

I made that mistake once with a six-pack of Henry Weinhard’s root beer. The customer was confused about why I wanted their ID, then I realized I’d seen “Henry Weinhard” on the label and thought it was beer before realizing it was soda. We all had a good chuckle about it.

The manager of the supermarket I worked at in high school once instituted a new rule where we supposed to card anyone buying stuff like sparkling grape juice or anything else that came “in a glass bottle” (his exact words). This was in Pennsylvania and at the time supermarkets weren’t allowed to sell any alcoholic beverages. :smack: The rules on beer have since been loosened (but are still weird); wine is still a monopoly of the Liquor Control Board (unless you buy direct from a local winery). After I quite said manager was later transferred & demoted to another store, and later fired for slapping a stock boy with cheese (& no, that’s not a euphemism).

The guy is working to rule, trying to protect his job, and even more importantly, his health insurance. You have to, nowadays, with everything regulated and litigated. Common sense has been taken out of the equation, in a flow-chart society…

Huh. I thought the register prompted the cashier to ask for ID after an alcohol-containing product was scanned.

THis is Obamamerica now, amirite? We gotta take this country back!!

You’re lucky. I wasn’t carded. I guess I don’t look young enough. For me, the guy said the six-pack had to go in a grocery bag, which I was trying to wave off. When I was puzzled, he said that all alcohol had to go out bagged. I think it was Henry Weinhard’s root beer, which isn’t a traditional root beer brand, so I didn’t blame him particularly. He had to stop and deliberately read the cardboard before he was sure he could let me leave with it unhidden.

I got carded for a package of J.B. Weld at Walmart last week. I was carded at Lowe’s for something strange a few weeks ago, but I don’t remember what it was.

I don’t remember what it was exactly, but Walmart cards for everything. I was with my son, who was using his birthday money for something from the outdoor products or hardware or automotive section. He’s a teen and works on cars and does camping, archery, outdoorsy stuff. I think it was brake fluid or something. I don’t remember.

We went to the self-checkout and the thing prompted for cashier assistance and ID. The self-checkout lady came over and I showed my ID. She asked which one of us was buying and why I was showing my ID if he was buying it. For my fucking son. This wasn’t booze or cigarettes or some shit it. It was some kind of auto lube or tool or some shit.

Where I work we now have to card for not just alcohol and tobacco but also some of the cough syrup, certain e-games and videos, ammunition, and air guns.

In some jurisdictions what you did - showing your ID although your son was doing the actually buying - can get you arrested. Not terribly likely, but it is a risk.

Not MY idea, but if I’m at the register and I don’t follow the rules I can be summarily fired and I need my job. So sorry, but for any clerk with brain cells, your convenience/lack of annoyance is going to take a back seat to his/her continued income.

I am constantly amazed at the number of people who get into the grocery line to buy booze who have absolutely zero ID on their person. Nada. Zip. And you drove here? Okaaaaaaaaaaaay… No, I can’t just let you through, sorry, nope, you’re not getting the booze this time, no exceptions.

I once went to buy groceries and ended up with half a dozen bottles of sparkling grape juice.

When the clerk told me he’d need to see my id, I rolled my eyes, but reached for my wallet.

He told me he was joking, and I kept digging for the wallet. Not because I’d believed the ID line, but because my ID, my money, and my store loyalty card are all in the wallet.

The death of common sense began in America before Obama was even born. Right through five white conservative presidents.

I don’t know why asking for ID for a six pack of cans labeled “beer” is a sign of a whole country losing their ability to use common sense. Sounds pretty sensible to me.

People still have common sense. They have not lost the ability to use it, they have lost their authority to use it. There are now signs in stores that say they card everybody, and a clerk who fails to do so can lose his job, and won’t risk doing what common sense tells him to do. I’m in my 70s and I’ve been carded by a cashier who said “I’m sorry, I know it is ridiculous, but I have to card you.”

I took a class on how to card people. If you know the person, or have carded them before, or are able to determine by looking at them that there are obviously over 30 or 40, then you are allowed to use your best judgement and served them the Alcohol. There’s no law that says you can’t sell alcohol to a 70 year old person just because they don’t have their ID with them.

You’re missing forty-odd presidents, there.

That might depend on the jurisdiction. When I’ve bought alcoholic beverages in Oklahoma (periodically since 2008, the year I turned 52), I have always been required to show my ID.