The Grudge 2

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Anyone else looking forward to seeing The Grudge this weekend?? I seriously can’t wait, the first one seriously freaked me out and this one is supposted to be just as freaky.

I generally love horror movies, and I know I’m going to see The Grudge 2…however, I was disappointed with The Grudge, mostly because I had watched Ju-on (the original that the Grudge was based on) and enjoyed it far more. I’m also dreading the usual drop-off in quality that many sequels suffer.

Yeah, I hope that isn’t the case. I actually have not watched hte Japanease version, so I jsut take it for what is is…and that proves to be pretty f’n scary to me. I think it will be cool too to see a new lead character, i was surprised about that, but excited.

I’m looking forward to it. The first one wasn’t all that great, but it did manage to be terrifying in at least a few regards, especially when it broke the “rules”.

Specifically, you’re supposed to be perfectly safe from the monster when you pull the sheets over your head. It’s not supposed to be in there with you.

I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the first one. But, I was unspooked and unimpressed. The film did leave me with a problem though.

I don’t know why they picked me. For the umpteenth time, I haven’t even seen the whole film! Still, I have a groaning Japanese woman and a meowing chalk white boy in my house.

I say, if they want to stay they should pay rent- and not in yen either! I want US dollars!

And stop drooling blood on my rug! I don’t give a damn if somebody did cut out your tongue! Carry a damn cup or something.

No I don’t want to watch your videotape! First, if another ghost comes out of the television I’ll kick her ass too. Second, it’s a Japanese format tape and won’t play in my vcr.

Shut up! The landlord will think I’m keeping a cat. Why is meowing supposed to be scary anyway? Nope, frog croaking is just goofy. No, engine revving is not going to do it. Here’s an idea- try saying “Gojira! Gojira!”

Are you both quite finished? I banish you with, let me see, this rubber chicken. You’re just that pathetic. I banish thee!

The top lock is also locked Einstein! There! Now, get out!

What’s this? Is this crudely written note a threat? A promise to return? Ewww! Ewww! It’s her phone number. Yich, blood-drooling, decomposing chicks are not my thing. This is worse than the time that cenobite came on to me. At least she cleaned up the place before leaving.

DocCathode, I look forward to reading the trial judge’s decision in your landlord-tenant case. Those are some heavy-duty issues, dude.

Wow, I thought it was reallly scary again, glad they didn’t ruin a good thing with a bad sequal. Who went to see it??

Grudge 2: Electric Ringu?

I’ll wait till it makes it to TV. For some reason Japanese Horror films don’t work for me. The American remakes, even less so. The reviews for this didn’t make my bias shift at all so I think I may pass.

But to each their own. If you like it and it entertained you then you come out ahead.

I thought it was OK. I’ve seen so much “J-Horror” that it’s feeling really played out to me now. And there was a point there, just before Eason gets Grudged in the darkroom that was so slow I actually started nodding off. Acting was spotty, effects were decent, some good creepy moments; in other words, it was about the same, quality-wise, as the first one, IMO.

You can always use a lava lamp and some twenty-sided dice to contain the squatters: Place a Ouija Board in the cnete rof the room, then draw a pentagram on the Ouija Board, then place the dice on the points of the pentagram, then place the lava lamp inthe center of the pentagram. Fire up the lamp, and you’re ready to go. The squatters will merge with the wax in the lamp.

In case a sequel is desired, open the lamp with a botttle opener.


What the hell are you talking about, Cererbus?

I thought the first Grudge blew chunks, who is afraid of some dead Asian chick going “UUUUUuuuuUUUuuuUUUUUUUhHHHHHHH”, I won’t see the second one. It seems that in general, PG-13 horror movies suck.

This I’ll definately agree with. You can’t do good horror when good gore, the word “fuck” more than once, and nekkid titties aren’t allowed.

They just don’t grow good horror anymore.

Sure they do, if that’s how you define “good horror.” Check out Shock-O-Rama if that’s the kind of horror movie you like.