The Guess Who - Damn, they were good!

Me: “Shit, that’s BACHMAN!”

Great singles band. Better live band. Pure pop for now people, reduced to its essence.

Don’t make us guess. Tell us who!

“Best of” was one of my original 8 track tapes. Good tunes. Good times.

They had the best B-side ever - No Sugar Tonight.

One of my favorite songs ever… Undun.

And while I never was much of a BTO fan, the melodic Looking Out For Number One is simply one of rock’s great tunes.

What say we get Randy.

I was never a huge Guess Who fan (just grew up with them being on the radio all the time), but when we went to see them live eight years ago or so, I was impressed. One thing we are experiencing with going to see older bands is that they are consummate professionals; they are very, very good at what they do (and they’ve been doing it for a very, very long time). If you get a chance to see them, GO! (Same for David Bowie.)

I first have to say that I knew nothing by the Guess Who other than “American Woman”, and I know nothing about the band but that they are a 60s/70s rock band from Canada.

After listening to that from the OP,

I thought: Well, it’s just a generic rock song with a lighter touch from the early 70s, played by a tight experienced band. Nothing special…

But then I heard this:

That’s a real gem (I never heard before). Proto-Power-Pop ( I think I invented a new rock genre ;)) at it’s best with a heavy West coast feel. Great harmonies, great drums throughout the whole song. I don’t know when the song was recorded/released, but I bet it was 68/69.

Please fans, can you tell me if this style is typical for the band or at least for one of their phases? Can you suggest certain albums?

I’m not much of a Guess Who fan at all, but David Bowie still rocks like a young man. He’s awesome.

Canned Wheat is one of their best albums, but since they weren’t really an album rock band, a greatest hits collection is probably your best bet.

Here’s a few songs that will give you more of an idea of what the band is/was:

Hand me Down World
Share the Land
Follow Your Daughter Home
Clap for the Wolfman

Not bad for Canadians.

I remember reading somewhere that for a while Guess Who accounted for approximately 50% percent of all records sold that were produced in Canada.

I can remember going out drinking one evening in Rochester NY in about 1984 and seeing them in a little club that was down in the basement of a building that used to be a turkish bath … Fantastic performance energy. I was standing about 3 feet away from them rocking my arse off.

For some reason, I found my tape of the Greatest Hits of the Guess Who a perfect companion to the game Turrican II. I have no idea what their story is, but I have always dug their work.

I think that there were times in the US when half the records sold in the US were by the Guess Who, Burton Cummings, or BTO.

Ah, another convert via “No Sugar.” Not a big hit down here, but with staying power for the reasons you gave.

The albums are Greatest Hits (duh, for a singles band) and Live at the Paramount for their live work.

Who in the world is Burton Cummings???

I have to agree, there was something special about the Guess Who. I have Undun (Undone?) burned on a CD and blast it in the car, singing along, in regular rotation. Takes me right back in time, it does. Good times!

I know - Canadian musicians set a pretty high bar.

They have a more recent album out that is good, too - Bachman Cummings, “Jukebox.” It’s an album of old, familiar covers - good shit.

ETA: The “American Woman 2007” remake is basically acoustic and quite awesome.

Porn star?

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I think The Guess Who is better than The Who.