The gun and ammo hoarders may have been right

Not because Obama was ever going to “come for their guns”, but because they may just need them soon to defend their cities and homes against an occupying Trump army. The moves being made right now are clearly to test the power of the judicial and to see how far Congress will go to support the lunacy coming out of the White House. DHS has already said that they will obey Trump’s orders and ignore judicial orders. How big a leap is it for the military to do the same?

Perhaps the rest of us should start stockpiling.

*In the Pit because I’m sure that’s where it would end up anyway.

It’s good to see that 2nd amendment and 10th amendment are now gaining popularity among the left. Please remember your suppport in 8-12 years.

If they defy an order of the court, couldn’t the U.S. Marshals arrest them for contempt? Are the Marshals a part of the executive or judicial branch? For some reason, I thought they were part of the judicial.

Can we please not say “I told you so”

What the left never understood (even after Bush Jr.) was that the threat to democracy was never going to come from the left, it was going to come from the right and a significant portion of the hard core gun owners would welcome it.

Every liberal should be a gun owner. It will be too late when they start arresting congressmen.

Since the greatest threat to US democracy came during the FDR Administration (interment, a seeming President for life, SCOTUS stacking) I would disagree. But Trump might prove me wrong.

It’s a little disturbing don’t you think, that they demanded guns against a potential tyrannical government, and then elected one?

Their argument all along should have been more along the lines of, “Trust me, you’re gonna want a gun when you see who we put in the White House!”

FDR’s errors, in terms of threats to democracy, were tiddlywinks compared to the century long assault on democracy of the Jim Crow South. The American South wasn’t really a democracy, and those in power fought tooth in nail to keep it that way, until relatively recently.

And now that the right has elected a tyrannical gov’t, they have the guns to keep it.

I am not shooting anybody. I’ll holler, I’ll snark, I’ll march and listen to Maya Angelou wannabes, take my lumps if I have to. But I’m not shooting anybody!

No they aren’t for two reasons.

A) Its not going to come to that. Most of the military are patriotic Americans, and are not going to follow order to subjugate their own people. And with the fire all the generals remark, Trump hasn’t been winning any friends over there. Not that the Trump presidency isn’t going to be bad news for the country, but its going to be bad by things like starting a trade war with the rest of the world, curtailing first amendment rights, dismantling the safety net for the poor, and disenfranchising minorities. It will be done by lawyers or maybe police on a small scale to root out individuals. Not sending Troops in to conquer Berkley.

B) if it did come to the point where Trump was engaged in a military take over, a large home arsenal is just going to mean you get a few shots off before you fall in a hail of gunfire and artillery. They have more and bigger guns than you have and are better trained at using them. Best case scenario an all out civil war gets started rebel cities get nuked and, like the current citizens of Syria, we all wish that we had never resisted in the first place.

A) I would hope that you’re right, but history belies the notion. It takes years to create a scenario where troops end up wearing jackboots, and he’s got an early start on creating head fakes and non-issues to warrant executive action in the future.

B) Exactly. But I’d rather go down shooting than to march meekly to the slaughterhouse.

I agree while adding that FDRs policies enabled them (as did all other administrations until the 50s).

I think the most important thing is the protest marches. Let the world know that all America doesn’t stand behind the Idiot-in-Chief. I was talking to a guy in Pakistan on another site, and he said all the news he was seeing, it appeared that America didn’t want Trump. I’d hope the world understands that.

I don’t know. Did the U.S. Marshals arrest ex-AG Sally Yates for refusing to follow a lawful executive order? It appears that neither Yates, or the DHS, know if they’ve been issued a lawful order.

(underline added)

Producing that image seems to be the goal of many in the main stream media. Negative news about Trump is standard fare from most LSM outlets. Another job well done?

Tell your internet friend that reality doesn’t match his perception. The voters gave control of both houses of the U.S. Congress to the Republican party, because they didn’t like the way the Democrats were running/ruining things. And, according to the usual/standard election rules, Trump was elected President and Hillary wasn’t.

If he only hears negative news concerning Trump, his perception will be skewed.

Protest marches, especially violent protest marches, don’t seem to be getting many Democrats elected to office.

I’m a Liberal, and I’ve been collecting firearms for over 30 years.

[URL=“Alan Alda - IMDb”]Hawkeye Pierce: I’ll carry your books, I’ll carry a torch, I’ll carry a tune, I’ll carry on, carry over, carry forward, Cary Grant, cash-and-carry, carry me back to Old Virginia, I’ll even ‘hari-kari’ if you show me how, but I will not carry a gun.

Honestly, your faith is misplaced. Historically, men in uniform have followed orders. They will follow orders. American soldiers have followed orders to do many immoral things thoughout history, and in that regard are just like everyone else’s soldiers.

No tyrant ever orders the military to “Subjugate the people.” It never works that way. They order the military to restore order, or to stop the criminals, or put down the rebellion against the state.

It’s too late for you all.

We have such a head start on you, that there is simply no way that you can make up for the many decades of stockpiling that normal good Americans have been doing.

I especially like when the left resorts to violence or threatens violent actions or speaks of some sort of war, because that war would be hilarious and one of the shortest wars ever.

“Normal”? Well, sure, OK, if you say so.