The guys playing Fred and George are horrible actors [Harry Potter]

The title pretty much says it all.

Daniel’s a bit rubbish too.

Darn it. This shoulda gone in Cafe Society.

I would imagine the pool of tall, red-headed, twin male actors is somewhat limited.

And I think Radcliffe has gotten better over the years. He’s still not great, but he was truly awful in the first couple of films.

Actually, I thought Daniel Radcliffe was all right in the first couple of films, but stumbled in the more emotional moments of Prizoner of Azkaban. However, I thought he was just fine in the last one, and he seems to be serious about working on his craft.

But hair dye and makeup isn’t. So that just leaves tall and twins. I guess you have a point.

What bothers me is that the various members of the Weasley clan all have very different accents - far more than is reasonable in a family group who grew up together.

Actually, in the books the twins aren’t even tall. They’re short and stocky, like Charlie. Bill, Percy, and Ron are the tall ones. So all they had to find for the movie were identical male twins of about the right age. Who could act.

And yeah, Daniel Radcliffe isn’t great. But he’s better than Emma Watson, the uber-eyebrow actor.

I was most appalled with Emma Watson in Order of the Phoenix. She appeared to have lost any talent she once had.

The Phelps twins aren’t naturally red-haired, so it wasn’t as difficult of a search for the actors as it would seem.

Um, go back and watch the first two movies again. Her “acting” consisted of emphatically stating her lines while trying to clearly enunciate every word.

In her defense, that kinda sounds like the sort-of intelligent "stuck-up"ness you would expect from her character.

I never really thought Emma’s acting was bad. She was ‘one of the good ones’ in my opinion. Also Draco Malfoy has been consistently good.

I thought Daniel Radcliffe did a very nice job in OotP. He’s consistently improved in each of the films. Emma Watson has not.

Overall, I think the acting has been quite good considering it’s an ensemble cast of children, cast when they were all very young. Hard to see who will develop over the years.