The "Ha! What! Nice cover of that song" thread.

Miley Cyrus doing "Look What They’ve Done to My Song "

Also, though it really doesn’t qualify (Some might think it does)…I’m going to post it anyway cause he knocks it out of the ****ing park…Phil Collins doing Golden Slumbers

Jolene…with Dolly Parton.
And they sound like sisters.

Norah Jones’s Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Counting Crows, Big Yellow Taxi

Smashmouth, I’m a believer.

Shawn Colvin - Crazy. I love the original, and I love this cover - such a nice, acoustic take on the song.

ETA: If I could make a request, when posting a song, could you link for us? It’s not a rule or anything, it just makes it so much easier to check out what everyone else is talking about.

I can’t link media at work but:

Faith No More - Easy

Stevie Wonder doing the Beatles “We Can Work it Out”.

Here’s the link.

I post these two songs everytime this topic comes up and I’ll post them again.

While My Sitar Ketar Weeps by Lemon Demon


Comfortably Numb by Dar Williams and Ani DiFranco

Joe Cocker – With a Little Help From My Friends.
Elton John – Honky Tonk Woman

Thank you.

again, with links

Counting Crows, Big Yellow Taxi

Smashmouth, I’m a believer.

Johnny Cash - Hurt

Nina Gordon’s Straight Outta Compton.

This is a little unfair since this is basically Richard Cheese’s whole shtick but here it is:

Richard Cheese: Gin and Juice

This was just on an NPR interview with Cedella Marley (Bob’s daughter).
They asked her about her favorite cover.

She replied the Annie Lennox cover of Waiting in Vain

I always liked this version also for some reason.


A couple years back while scanning the radio I heard what sounded like an odd remix of “Seven Nation Army” with a piano replacing the bassline and voices replacing its famous guitar riff. It was so strange and catchy that I listened it out to hear who it was by…wait, seriously, it was by The Oak Ridge Boys?

The Stand By Me cover by John Lennon? Also, on that note, the Beatle’s Twist and Shout cover. Always a good sign when most people don’t know the song you covered wasn’t the original.

But seriously, a great contender for “best unexpected cover” has to be Earth, Wind, and Fire doing Got to Get You Into My Life. This is what a massive funk infusion can do for an already great song.