The Half life universe questions

By this I mean the original game, Opposing force and to a lesser-extent: Blue shift. Basically, I’ve been discussing the game with a friend and a few things have popped up in my mind.

  1. Has anyone ever attempted to make a diagram or map of the entire black mesa complex? We see a lot of it in the game, but not so much things are in relation to other things. The closest thing I’ve seen is a rather neblous transit map in Blue Shift.

  2. Anyone want to guess how large a military force was committed to the black mesa opertation?(not counting black ops, though I’d imagine their numbers were signifcantly smaller then the marines)

  3. Considering the losses shown and implied, I imagine the caustilies were extreme. Makes me wonder how all these deaths were explained away after it was all over(assuming only black mesa was affected).

  4. Anyone want to guess how those troops captured the gargunata on top of the dam? Those things are almost invicible.

There was some guy doing a Half-Life novelization a while back. He may covered some of your points, but it’s in no way “official.” And, of course, I can’t find the link… :frowning: