The Happy Cheap Chocolate Day MMP

That makes my afternoon too! Glad to hear.

Plus I got to rag on U-Haul a little.

Gardening is done for today. I transplanted all the veggies I started in the house. A couple of stems got bent - I hope they don’t die, but I do have more seeds, so I can plant replacements. The grape 'maters and cherry 'maters are in the greenhouse with the just-planted sunflower seeds. When they come up, they’ll be transplanted to the front hill. And when we get back from FL, I’ll plant some more in the garden - it should be plenty warm by then.

FCD is napping and I’ve got some time to kill. I’m guessing we’ll just forage for supper because I ain’t cooking!

Our June cruise was just canceled by RCL, which worked out really well because I was going to cancel it anyway. Now we get to take advantage of 125% credit - I’m hoping they’ll let us apply that to the cruise in Sept, assuming we can make that. FCD’s knees are really bothering him - so much so that he’s going to see an orthopedist when we get back from FL. Considering both of his parents got knee replacements, I think the writing is on the wall.

Anyway, done for today. Time for chillage.

It appears that FB has crashed. Wonder if it was a deliberate attack?

The weather ended up better than expected. I just fired up the grill for some last minute burgers and dogs.

It’s back. Had the same issue, so it wasn’t your system.

Pretty much spent the afternoon watching soccer and the Masters (about the only golf tournament I’m mildly interested in). Practice today was cancelled after the morning deluge (it’s 78F and clear now) sn we won’t know about tomorrow until 4pm Firday.

Oh, and somebody remind me I’ve got shot #2 coming up tomorrow at 12:40pm…would be an embarrassment to forget it.

talky, hope the Big Bosses concur with your recommendations.

FCM, sounds like the carpet guy knows his audience.

Dinner time. All y’all have a good evening.

I know you don’t have a cell phone (Luddite!! :stuck_out_tongue: ) But do you have Outlook on your computer? I use it to set reminders all the time.

Daughter asked if we wanted to do dinner on Thurs for Roxy’s birthday. They’re going to order pizza and I’m going to bake a cake and let Roxy help decorate it, since I’ll have her all next week. So I need to go buy the cake mix and some confectioner’s sugar for the frosting. And sprinkles - gotta have sprinkles!!

Also, last week, Daughter asked if we still had the crib mattress. It didn’t register at the time, but now I’m a tad suspicious… :thinking:

Poor Gordie! ( I’m wondering just how doggio managed to step on a dog his size).

Good on you nellie. A wise man once said about giving to those with substance abuse issues on the street “sometimes they need a fix more than they need food,” He would know, as he wore those shoes once-upon-a-time.

Appendages crossed for the possible new gig seanette.

Yay for cheap chawlkit emily.

Like some of the others, I much prefer dark chocolate over the stuff sold around the holidays. Given that I’m insulin dependent, that’s prolly a good thing. :smiley:

Irked, came home to Scooby Doo and the skateboarders in the driveway (the kids are polite and Rocky [aka Scooby Doo] gives good doggy kisses) and Molly, the neighbor Aussie outside playing. Nelson got to play with her and the Charlie, the shih tzu in the next building for a while before coming back in.

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

I recently finished making some more of my miniature pianos. Yay, I accomplished something today!

Congrats on accomplishments MLE!

Howdy Y’all! I accomplished mowage and OYKW made a chawklit pound cake. Good day all around here!

So I ordered 2 pairs of pants and a 2pk of sox from Da Jungle on Sunday. At 1100, there was a Prime package containing my socks…and 1(one) pair of pants. 2 hours later, UPS( :smiley: ) dropped off the other pair of pants. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: And the Canes won, are in first place in the League, and Alex Nedeljkovic get another shutout. Life is good. :goal_net: :ice_hockey:

Because he quietly moved over and was snoozing right next to my bed, so I didn’t see the 60lbs. old man.

Yay! Those are nifty pianos.

Any chance he’ll upload that to us? Sounds wonderful.

Friend’s name is Elfreda. She goes by Elfie. Which is better than my grandmother’s cousin Florinceda. Everybody called her Fat, even when she was scranny little girl.

Sorry metal mouse, this reminder is probably too early for you, but at least it’s the same day. Congratulations on your upcoming second shot!

The laurel hedge between us and the neighbors got removed yesterday and has been replaced with three bamboo and stainless steel fence panels, like these, but we have 2, then a gap for a shrub and then a third one. We’ve been discussing for 5 years so finally we found something we both liked. And this saves probably 1-2 days work per year, since we don’t have to trim the laurel hedge.

There’s still another one on the other side of the garden, but I had the gardener trim that back, so not much for me to do this year.

Didn’t buy any post-Easter chocolate, even though I was tempted. I really prefer cookies and cake, so buying chocolate that hubby will let sit for the next 3 months or so, doesn’t make sense. Because then I’ll eat the old chocolate, because I can’t stand just throwing it out.

Bought black beans some months ago, so finally put them in water overnight and will cook them later. They will get added to tortillas tomorrow. Today is leftoever taco meat.

Happy Friday!

Probably, but I’m still up. Good morning~wish I was going to be there for the black beans later.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to heave. I apprently don’t know my own strength, I just tore a banana in half.

Ive had them a few times and they remind me of an upscale in and out …

yay! hope ya get it

hippie … all i think is " poor tree " i sort of think of things like that as necessary like taking your cat to the vet one last time …

You know i always describe the weather in ca like " imagine mother nature as a dizzy blonde with a short attention span with PMS because its went from hot back to cool/cold in two days and it might be back to hot again …

oh maybe a sibling is on the way?

The only excitement today was this: Ok when we order door dash we usually give a 5$ in cash … And i guess we’ve become known for that. Now I get a knock on the door and there’s a guy with two big boxes and says Well my wife delivered to you guys the other day and you gave her a cash tip when she needed it …So we give out free groceries and had some leftovers …

Now usually when they give out food boxes here it’s dodgy stuff …and not much to make an actual meal out of it … Well, I guess this was la county provided because there were about 100 bucks of groceries like milk and meat … nothing was going to expire in two days …

So that was a nice surprise …

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 66 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 77 with rain/tstorms/apocalypse beginnin’ sometime this mornin’. I need to go by the church house to see about the ice machine. I’m told there’s a leak, but I’m pretty sure there’s not. The last time I got told there was a leak, it was just ice meltin’ in the bin, cause, well, ice melts. We plan on goin’ to the hog trough Golden Corral for a late N.O.L./early sup.

MetalMouse don’t forget to get stabbed today.

MG yay for you!

shades sounds like a good score on the food boxes!

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, alas, alack, woe, and bother, I suppose I should purtify and don appropriate bein’ amongst the public attire. Woe is me!

Happy Firday Y’all!

Up, showered, dressed, and fed. I’m about to dash to Food Lion so I can be back well before the RoxStar is dropped off. Plus FCD asked me to drive-thru McD’s and get him a couple of breakfast burritos. And so I shall, because I’m nice, dammit! :smiley:

We got a fair bit of rain overnight, judging from the puddle gauge. (That’s the area of our driveway that doesn’t drain easily - lots of water there this morning.)

Anyway, off I go! Happy Firday!!

Afternoon, mumpers! It’s grey and drizzly outside which makes me happy to be indoors today. Weather app says “Every cloud has a silver lining. Except that one. That one is hoping you’ll fucking fail” and promises me 6C/43F up to 8C/47F and mostly cloudy today. For once, it looks about right.

It’s Friday, which is a good thing. I’ve spent the morning trying to make sense of a spreadsheet of exam dates so I can add them to our own schedule, then work out who gets extra time and what for…but the formatting is all messed up so a bunch of dates are either not displayed correctly or they’re plain wrong. Can’t get any clarity on that because people are on leave until Monday so another half-done job.

We’re also being pressured to go back to the campus office from next week despite there being no guidance on whether we can have in-person teaching yet, or whether the students intend to come back either. Nobody’s happy about the situation and all my team’s emails are gripes and grumbles.

On the plus side, Phil the Greek’s funeral probably means we’ll get a bonus public holiday!

I’m an “uncle!!!” My best friend and his wife had a baby yesterday morning. (Well she did most of the work.) All are healthy and well. I’m gonna wait until I get my second jab before going to visit.

On the irk front, I’ve got an install…sometime, but need the city to approve the permit. But this is going to cause some issues. The second jab takes up tuesday, and my truck needs some attention, which is wednesday, and the place opens on thursday. Blerg.

Stay safe, all.