The Happy Cheap Chocolate Day MMP

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 43 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 80 and N.O.S. for today. So it’s real Spring today. Not much in the way of plans for the day, as per usual. I do have to go over to the church house around noonish to let the fire alarm folks in to do the annual fire inspection. I thought I had a doc appt. this mornin’ up until last night when I bothered to look and saw that it’s actually next Moanday. Sup shall be leftovers from yestiddy’s feast.

OK, so 'tis the day after Easter AKA one of the three big cheap chawklit days. So get out there and stock up! Actually since the Easter Bunny gave both of us baskets I don’t foresee a hunt for cheap chawklit today. Who knows though, as that is one of OYKW’s favorite things to do.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Ya beat me to it, bear! I was just about to post my own MMP (I even considered this very topic) when I opened a new window to check, and there you were! All my efforts for nothing… < pose of exhaustion and woe >


Today is Roxy Day here at FairyChatEstates. Daughter wants to paint their bathroom (it was an unpleasant cream color) so I’ll wrangle the kid while she does. It’s going to be loverly and warm - I’ll let her play in the sand while I yank some weeds. And I may start planting my 'mater seedlings. I just need to decide what will go where. I have some sunflower seeds that I think I’ll start in the greenhouse.

But for now, I’ll finish breakfasting and complete my morning surf routine.

Happy Moanday!!

Good morning! There is no chawklit here, cheap or otherwise. This is probably a very good thing for me and my waistline.

Work will be nutso, but it almost always is nowadays. Nothing to do but suck it up and get through it.

I still want and need to take a few days off, but I have too much going on. I am hoping that it all slows down just a tad by mid-month. If not, I’ll look for time closer to my birthday.

Oh, and I quickly ran a retirement estimate for myself. I know what I need to feel comfortable about retiring and that’s not going to happen until I turn 62 at the earliest, even with the supplemental I’d receive up until age 62. So, at least another five years to go. Unless I win some big Lotto or something, but then I’d actually have to buy a ticket to have a chance at actually winning!

Good morning, everybody. I didn’t buy any egg/bunny/chick chocolate, because we already had a bar or two of Chocolove here. I’m a dark chocolate fan, anyway. It’s the Peeps that are my downfall. I managed to only buy one four-pack this year, which was eaten in the parking lot of the grocery store.

Without the MMP, it’s hard to remember it’s Monday, even if I do still work. But I work from home at the moment and it doesn’t feel too much different from retirement. Rumors are that we’ll return to the office this summer, and that’s going to be really hard. I’ve gotten into the habit of taking a nap every day at about 2 p.m., bringing my phone with me so that I can keep an eye on my work e-mails. Usually I can get in an hour of dozing without being interrupted. Plus if I go back to the office I’ll have to re-learn how to apply make-up, not to mention getting my ears re-pierced because the piercings have grown over.

My main domestic tasks of the day are to go to the pharmacy to pick up a scrip, and to remember to take something out to defrost for dinner. Hmmm, I’m thinking Turkish lamb meatballs with tzatziki, naan bread and salad.

Oh, and when I heard that Apple was starting to provide male voices for Siri, in a selection of accents, I activated Siri on my phone for the first time and chose a male English voice. I was hoping the voice would be deep and rich like Patrick Stewart or Benedict Cumberbatch, but instead he’s kind of high-pitched - a bit like Dudley Moore. Oh, well, I’ll get used to it.

Yeah, Taters, that whole buy-a-ticket rule for Lotto seems excessive… :rofl: On the plus side, if you hang in until 62, there’s a 10% bump in your annuity. I missed out on that by retiring at 57.

I’m showered, dressed, and ready for the RoxStar. Her sandbox is uncovered and the water has been drained off the canopy over her tower. Just waiting for the text. I also spiced the poke loin roast that will become supper. It’s in the fridge till it’s time to be rotissed. If SIL is working late, I’ll invite daughter and Roxy to stay for supper. We shall see.

Once the outside temps creep closer to mid-60s, I’ll open the house for some fresh air. But for now, it’s still in the 40s, so a tad to chilly.

As one who never used makeup and never got anything pierced, I say “Why bother?” Just look at me! I’m… uh… retired…


Morning all. Between the long nap yesterday and eating late, it was nearly 1am before I went to bed and arose at 8am. No nappage today, soccer practice is on the schedule all week except Wednesday. I did move my girl’s practices from the highest field (that’s on top of the hill, shoe) :wink: :grin: to fields a little more easily accessible to a portly gentleman of leisure. Need to do Moanday shopping and procure my Jersey Mike’s sammich this morning. Big event of the week is the Firday 2nd shot for COVID-19.

Taters, I went out at 63 (34 years of work) and like you, did all the calculations, trying to be a pessimist–and it turned out well. Hopefully the next 5 years won’t be too onerous.

FCM, just looked at the weather, 63F now heading for 78F this afternoon. Nice and toasty in N. Ali-bama. And enjoy Roxy Day.

swampy, don’t keep chocolate in the house, because it doesn’t stay here very long…keeps disappearing suddenly…

Ok, need to get myself organized and off to Publix and Jersey Mike’s. All y’all have a good Moanday.

Good Morning! So far it’s been a good day at the Magill household. It’s nice and sunny outside. It looks to be warm later for my ride. Mrs Magill is feeling all right this morning. No fever scares since last week. Her next appointment is Wednesday, and we’ll get her latest numbers then. She wants to drive herself, but I do not think that is a good idea.

I just made Fang’s first Covid appointment for Thursday. We have the simple goal of not killing his mother.

TPTB: “dogbutler, go to the mezz. dogbutler, go to smalls. dogbutler, go back to the mezz. dogbutler, go to the 300 sort table. dogbutler, go to the 300 irregs.”
dogbutler’s Fitbit: < explodes >

I got a solid chocolate bunny from Canadian Dave and his roommie, so I’m set for chocolate. :chocolate_bar: :rabbit2:

Also, Yellow dust season has arrived:
Yellow haze, all in my brain,
Trees have airborne sex, I inhale the same
Can’t keep my sinuses free, no matter how I try,
'Scuse me, while I sneeze into the sky

Taters, fingers crossed for you making it the 5 years. Or a Powerball winning ticket if you can’t.

Me, too!

Afternoon/evening all.

There seems to be a cheap chawklit shortage around here- probably as last year sales were so low that they had loads of leftover stock, shops went the other way this time and many actually sold out a few days back. Glad I made sure I got some, really.

It’s a holiday here today, and I actually took it off. Didn’t do much- had a lazy start and went walkies. I have made plans to actually meet up witha real human person on Firday- a friend I usually only see at juggling events. She lives about 20 miles away, and with stuff starting to open back up (and her getting stabbed, though I’m still waiting) I figure an outdoor meet should be OK. We agreed that attempting to resocialise was a good plan before either of us start actually growling at strangers.

And Shoe that is an adorable eensy snek, and she’s doing a great job of being a bracelet. The corn snek we had was extremely wiggly and not up for being jewellery.

We have appointments for haircuts today, the first in over a year. I can’t wait to get rid of this mess. I have a newfound respect for women who chop it off.

I accepted an offer on my ejection seat. I looked up the address the buyer gave me. While there doesn’t seem to be a perfect free way to find out who lives there, I did see a name that matched the one eBay sent me in their notification. Now I need to go to FedEx and buy two boxes ($40), go to the storage unit to get the seat, construct a box out of the two Boxes, and take the seat to FedEx for shipping.

There was a guy just across the border who wanted it, and it would have been much more convenient for him to come here or for me to go there instead of shipping to New Mexico. Unfortunately, the Canadian/U.S. border is closed. He wanted to put down a deposit for me to end the eBay listing and then pay me the rest when the border opens. But the guy down south wanted to pay the full amount. (I did give the Canadian a chance to pay the full amount before I accepted the other guy’s offer.)

Wizard I’m glad to hear that your wife had a better week. Fingers crossed for a good report at the dr’s.


It’s staying cool today, which is nice. Today’s weather debate is will it rain or not. TWPTB said no rain, and the radar showed rain. I’m betting at least showers.

I need to make vet appts for at least 2 animals. Panda (kitty) is sniffling. I hope it’s allergies. Akiko (dog) may have a UTI, or she’s got that bladder leak thing that spayed females can get.

Off to consult with kids about egg dying. No - we are NOT behind at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

The commissary is closed on Mondays, so Cheap Chawklit Day for me will be tomorrow.

Daughter and SIL will be dining with us tonight - that should take care of a good chunk of the poke roast. I’ve also pulled out the twice-baked spuds and I’ll do sugar snap peas and maybe corn?

Roxy is playing with my tablet so I have a few minutes of quiet. She needs to be in a preschool, wearing out her peers! :smiley:

I’ve been trying hard all day to focus on my work, but I don’t have a ton of meetings today and I’m also lame enough to have quite a food and booze hangover from yesterday’s Easter extravaganza. I had just the one glass of wine, but I’m ridiculously sensitive to booze nowadays. And I’ve got a meeting with the boss lady in a few, which is always a little intimidating 'cause she’s just so damn smart.

Anyway, I’m drinking my eleventy billionth cup of coffee now. Overlygirl is at a friend’s house. Overlyboy is enjoying a last day of freedom before his fourth quarter starts tomorrow and overlyhusband is lurking around behind me trying to see if I’m busy. I’m a little nervous about my meeting. I really don’t have much to say because we just talked a couple business days ago and had a meeting this morning with the team. I assume she’s got news for me. Or feedback. Or something. Only one way to find out.

OH! I almost forgot, though - I have an appointment to get jabbed this Saturday! Yay!!! I never in a million years thought I’d be looking forward so much to seeing a hypodermic.

Afternoon all. Shopping and Sammich acquisition have both been successful and I’m working up some soccer drills for this afternoon with the girls. Have also accepted the offcer for gutter replacement, It’s about $200 more than the lowest bid, but I feel comfortable with this guy and it’s still in the budget, so we’ll see.

doggio, at least they didn’t tell you to go to H…that other place… And best luck with the allergies.

Cookie, be sure to get before and after pictures of the hair removal.

flyboy, I think you treated everyone fairly. Border closed isn’t his fault, but that’s life and sometimes it works out that way.

talky, hang in there…even with lurking husbands…

OK, need to start preparing for practice. 78F out, a really nice day for it.

Happy Moanday. I won’t be shopping for cheap chocolate, as I have a big, almost untouched jar of M&M’s in the cupboard if I do get a craving. How long does it take M&M’s to go stale? I’ve been puttering around the apartment waiting for it to warm up (It got down to 30º last night.), but it’s 60º now, so I’m about to leave for a long walk and a couple of errands.

Swampy, 80º sounds like summer, not spring, but that’s because I’m a Yankee.

Moooom, it won’t be long until Roxie is helping you plant seedlings. What fun that’ll be!

:musical_note: Cinderelly, Cinderelly…

I understand these words individually, but they don’t make sense in this sequence…

Almost time for supper. It smells yummy in here!!

shoe, it’s a good thing you don’t work in an accounting field then. :smiley: Your little snek is a cutie pie!

Have fun with your friend nut!

Happy Dyngus day! Dyngus day In South Bend, Chicago, Cleveland and Buffalo, this is a big deal. In South Bend, it tends to kick off the political season.

Irked, came home, walked Nelson, vacuumed, and nuked supper. I’ll mess around in the studio after KP.

Y’all stay safe and healthy!