The hardest riddle on the internet.


As the tittle suggests, it is not porn. And from what I know, it is work safe until level four, only because I could not get pass level four.


I’m at level four too. I fear I could waste my day doing this.

Previous Dope thread on this game. Lots of hints in there as well.

On another forum someone claims to have made it to level 73. We must bow before them.

I don’t get it. Couldn’t even get to level two. WTF?

IIRC, I made it somewhere into the mid-teens before nearing defenstrating my laptop.

Made it past 4, after kicking myself in the head. Up to 6, but don’t think it will be long before I get past that one…

Whelp, I’m stuck at 14. I think it’s more of an unwillingness to think any further than anything else…

Isn’t there a rule against posting such links? Shouldn’t there be one? Can I sue the OP for intellectual distress?

I don’t think so. The unthinkable, constantly orgasmic porn of unbelievable proportions is near the end and should be immune to the “two clicks” rule.