The 'Heart of Stone' award winner for discipline of a municipal employee: Largo, FL

Completely justified. That boy needed firin’

Cool Hand Luke quotes aside, and considering that I can’t actually see the link, I’m going to throw out my $0.02 based on very little information. If everyone who works for the town decided to take care of their own families instead of going to work, there would be NO emergency workers and nobody around to help people in need. Somebody has to be there. The town is counting on him and others like him to be around in an emergency, that’s one of the reasons you hire them. If you didn’t need them in a pinch, you could hire a contractor to spray weeds for half what you’re paying this guy.

I assume this is a standard part of a DPW job and that he knew this, being there for 30 years. He chose his own path.

A hurricane is hot and wet. You ever see how fast weeds grow in the South after hot, wet weather? :smiley:

That ain’t the only thing growing the The South when it’s hot and wet;)

And Cheesesteak, what an appropriate time for a slippery slope argument;)

And the city chose its own path, and to its regret, will discover the law of unintended consequences. A lifetime of goodwill can be destroyed by one ill-considered action that gets a lot of coverage in the press. But they should have known that, right Cheesesteak?

“In fact, I think it’s awesome!” :wink:

WRT slippery slope, I certainly don’t think that it would ever really come to pass that a town will be left abandoned during an emergency. I mean that it is his JOB to show up during an emergency, just like all his colleagues. Your boss asks you to do your job, and you say “no” you run the risk of losing your job.

If he is unable to report to work during an emergency because of his mother, he should not take a job that requires reporting during emergencies.

Fear Itself, of course they should know that. If it blows up in their faces, it’s 100% their fault for not taking bad press into account. Just as he has a job to do, managers are responsible for making sure they don’t make the city look bad.