The 'Heart of Stone' award winner for discipline of a municipal employee: Largo, FL

A guy works for the town for 30 years, and has the flawed judgement to worry about the safety of his eighty+ Ma in the face of a hurricane, and they treat him like he was cutting heads off of parking meters.

Wish you’d quit bein’ so good to me, Captain :wink:

Any man shirks work durin’ a Federal Disaster spends a night in the box.

What is a Federal Disaster? Does it have the official seal approval on it?

A federal disaster shares power with its component disasters, which are sovereign in their own right.

So something like the Florida huricane is a federal disaster rather then a national disaster?

I’m not going to say that I really approve of the reaction of the municipality. I think it was a case of an over-reaction.

Having said that, the worker was warned, if he didn’t come in he’d be fired. He did have alternatives that probably would have dealt with his mother’s physical safety, I can’t judge her mental safety I’ll admit. And the disaster response planners were counting on having his position filled.

Frankly, I’d think a more appropriate response would be a week’s suspension, or something similar. But I can’t feel any great injustice is being done, either. :dubious:

How exactly is a weed sprayer a vital emergency employee?

A “federal disaster” means that the president has given it his personal stamp of approval.

Ok, ok, it also opens the door for federal money to aid in clean up. There are a gazillion smaller disasters every year where only the states pick up the tab. “National disaster” isn’t really a proper term, I don’t think.

That may be his official capacity in normal situations, but during an emergency, I’m sure he can operate a truck while others us the associated equipment.

Even manning radios to get other personnel out at the sharp end of the stick, or working at the DPW building keeping track of available equipment can be an appreciable help. In a disaster situation there are a large number of jobs that need warm bodies to fill them, but don’t require much more than that.

Which completely ignores the possibility that the worker in question has other skills besides using a weed sprayer. In some DPWs such cushy jobs are reserved for the guys who’ve stuck through all the crap jobs earlier in their careers, AIUI.

Again, I don’t know what they were counting on having him do. But neither does anyone from the story as I’d read it. It may even be they were only wanting him to come in to sit around the DPW and listen to the wind and rain while they waited for an act of God. Does it really matter, though? He was told to come in or face dismissal. Do you deny that the employer, especially in this circumstance, has a right to expect that for DPW workers?

(If you do, that’s fine. I’m not sure it’s a power they should have - but I don’t think it’s an unusual one.)

“I’m George Bush and I approve this disaster.”

When did this thread become about the budget? :confused:

Ok sorry. Here they are national disasters.

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