The Heloise & Coldfire household just got a little more crowded...

[sub]Nah, no children, don’t worry![/sub] :wink:

Hi everybody! Meet Julius and Vincent, from left to right. 10 weeks old, they arrived at Casa del Heloise & Coldie two days ago. They’re still getting their bearings a bit, and have mistaken their cute purple kittie bed for the litter box at least once already, but other than that they’re awfully sweet, and very playful.

More pictures will be posted as they do various things so cute it will make y’all hurl. :smiley:

Ohhhhhhh… sweet kitties … sweet baby kitties …

Pardon me while I coo over the adorable kitties!

Shouldn’t they be, like, Jules and Vincent? :wink: But they ARE awfully cute.

Aaaaaawwww cute kitties…

Aaawww makes high pitched noises only audible to bats and cats


They are adorable. I just love kitties (kittens and cats). Make sure you put collars on the fluffballs. One of my kitties escaped over the weekend without a collar and we are still searching for her.

Give them a snuggle for me!

Well, I’ll be damned.

You got the reference right, and we got the name wrong. :o

Hmmm. What do we do now, rename Julius, or stick with it? :slight_smile:

Tough question. Have you trained him to respond to the name Julius yet?

But then if he was an orange cat, the choice would be obvious.

So far they only seem to respond to “Getyernailsoutofthecouchyoulittlefucker”. Odd, I know. :smiley:

Since you probably won’t actually call them by their given names, you can probably correct Jules’s without too much trouble.

twicks, roommate of Elvis, who’s never called Elvis, but only Pooter, Mr. Clever Kitty, Furface, Tunabreath, Sweetie, etc.

Not to Terry Pratchett!
Those are sooo cute!

‘Ah, Amsterdam! The city of cats and canals… Which is a dangerous combination. Fortunately, Amsterdam is the home of the famous Cat Swimming School…’

(Paraphrased from Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video.) :smiley:

Very cute kittens! :slight_smile:

Sometimes my brain will latch on to an idea and run with it before I can stop it.

JULES: So, catnip’s legal there, right?
VINCENT: Well, it’s legal, but in ain’t a hundred-percent legal. I mean, you can’t just fill up a rubber mouse in the middle of the street and start puffin’ away. They want you to frollic in your home or certain designated places.

JULES: What do they call a mouse?
VINCENT: A mouse is still a mouse, but they spell it M-A-U-S.
JULES: “M-A-U-S”. Ha ha ha ha. What do they call a squirrel?
VINCENT: I don’t know, I didn’t go out in the yard.

JULES: It’s just a way of marking something with your scent. Rubbing up against someone don’t mean shit.
VINCENT: You ever rub up against someone?
JULES: Don’t be telling me about rubbin’ up against someone - I’m the rubbin’ master.
VINCENT: You given a lot of them?
JULES: Shit yeah. I got my technique down and everything, I don’t be scratching or nothin’.
VINCENT: Would you rub up against a dog?


Very funny, RA. We spell it M-U-I-S, by the way. :slight_smile:

Since they’ve only had the names a couple of days, and I’ve already called Julius “Jules” at least once already, I don’t see a problem with the name change. They are currently curled up on my lap sleeping right now, so I won’t be going anywhere for the next few minutes, at least.

Take a picture. :):slight_smile:

Oh, wait. Camera’s in the living, right?

Cute…but I do not wish to see ANY pictures of cats on motorcycles!!!

How does sleeping on my lap equal being on a motorcycle? Or is this some nasty, trick question? If it is, don’t bother to answer my question! :slight_smile:

resists making innuendo laden comment about Coldie riding motorcycles.


I really must pit kitten picture posters one of these days. It’s irresponsible stuff like this that keeps Mrs. Bookkeeper from kicking the kitty habit. (Mrs. B “I’ve made a firm decision. No more cats.” B. “Yes, Dear.” Cat population susequently decreased from 4 to 6.)

Awwww, they’re so cute!.

Which one is the scientologist? :wink:

Cute kitties!